Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Man of Steel Why is everyone doing Remakes???

Three weeks ago I had the opportunity to see "Man of Steel"  This is most recent Superman epic and although it was very good overall, I found myself saying wait a minute... I have seen this before and for good reason.

"Man of Steel" is a remake of the first two SUPERMAN films staring Christopher Reeves.

We have Superman  coming to earth and working at the Daily Planet, we have him confronting General Zod and his cohorts from the Phantom Zone and we have the big battle between Superman and Zod.

There were some great moments in this film and the effects were amazing, but as I said in my review of "STAR TREK, Into Darkness" this is just one more example of someone who could not come up with an original idea and copied what someone else had already done.

Although I like Man of Steel, I can only give it ** and that is being polite.  If there is to be a new SUPERMAN, keep the current actors but come up with an original story.  There are enough ideas out there that we do not need to recycle any more movies already made.

Bring back the original costume, Navy Blue is too dark.

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