Monday, September 17, 2012

Mondays' Music Moves Me Classical music in the movies and TV.

I grew up  in a house hold, where all forms of music were listened to.  I grew up listening to Beethoven, the Beatles, Johnny Cash and Peter Paul and Mary.

Classical music has always been a favorite, because it can express such remarkable feelings without a single word being sung.

So here is a tribute to Classical music and one of the most amazing movies of all times.  2001 a speace odyssey.

To start off with, is the Gayaneh's Ballet Suite used in 2001 a space odyssey.


  1. We always played classical music while the kiddoes were small. They enjoy it to different extents. DD#2 has the greatest fondness for classical arrangement than her older sister and younger brother, but they all have appreciations for the pieces.

    I enjoyed your instrumental choices in both videos. It's not often we get to listen to these on Monday's Music Moves Me. Thanks for sharing these selections and joining us for a little fun. Keep the music alive!

  2. Hubby loves loves that movie & naturally we got it on DVD very cool change of pace my friend! Have a rockin' week.

  3. beautiful these song took my breathe away love them
    Come Say HI

  4. Hey hon, great song choices...much different for the 4M's. I do like classical sometimes as well.
    Come by and see your wife.
    Love you,
    Your wife

  5. I really do need to play more classical music!

    Love the music!

    Enjoy your week!