Monday, September 24, 2012

What Makes Us good enough???

Ever wonder, what does make us good enough?  It is one of those questions that like how the universe has Sweedish Meetballs every where, can drive   you mad.

Seriously, It is not an easy question to answer.  What does make us goiood enough?

Good enough for ?

Well Good enough for love, for a position of responsibility, for being given a second or third chance.

For me, and only me, it comes down to what are we willing to do with our life.  Do we sit on the side line and allow life to go by, do we become involved helping those less fortunate than we may be?

Do we take risks, make ourselves vulnerable?  Be willing to be hurt to be loved?

For me, the answer is yes.  If you sit on the side lines we do not live, so this question actually the answer is no.  You get involved, you do what you can to help others, while helping yourself.

You do make yourself vulnerable, because love requires this, it requires you to be open to being hurt, to love and be loved.

So for me, being good enough, means taking risk and helping others, being willing to be hurt and vulnerable to the needs and paiers,ns of others, especially the one or ones you love.

And please note, I am still working on this.

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  1. The question remains though are we good enough to deserve the things that come our way? Our we good enough the way we look in order to be loved by others?
    Many women have this issue from the time they are children. That is the feeling of being inadequate simply because we are girls.
    Think about it. I would like to see more on this from your perspective.