Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why is anyone deserving of Love and Affection

Perhaps one of the most challenging of questions?

Why is anyone deserving of love and affection?  We can say that people deserve these things, because it is part of our spiritual paths, or because we ourselves feel incomplete without Love and Affection.

However, these are ingrained and pat answers.  Ones we have been programmed with.

So honestly, why is anyone deserving of love and affection?

For me, I have to say it is because when I have not been loved, when no one has shown me any affection, I have turned against myself and others.  That these two things can make a difference in how we view ourselves and others.

Yet I am still thinking this is too programmed an answer.

I am not sure I know why anyone deserves love and affection.

I have to ask myself why do we chose to love, choose to be compassionate?

I keep coming back to the answers that before I said was part of our programming, and perhaps these answers are where the truth lies.

We tend to over analyse things today, we make things harder than they are.  So perhaps it is because we collectively do better when we are show compassion, when someone goes out of their way to treat us with tenderness.

Yet I still have not answered the initial question of why?

Why is anyone deserving?

Because anyone, everyone is an empty shell, no meaning or purpose, no direction until the two magical elements of Love and Affection are added.

Emptiness incompleteness are what we are when love and affection are not part of our life.

So Anyone is deserving of love and compassion, because when we do not express these things we hurt ourselves and others and we no nothing of the fullness we can have and share.

Confused.  So am I and I have wrestled with this for the better part of the day.

Maybe you can answer this better.

I am just a human being not a God after all.

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  1. Your comment at the end gives you an out or escape to not really look at the question because you are "human".

    Love comes from within. We are born with it. It is ingrained in us even before we are born and in the still in the womb. We deserve love and affection as much as we continue to love ourselves outside that womb.

    We deserve it because we are.
    Think about that.