Sunday, September 23, 2012

Why is time precious and why should time be used wisely

Time is precious, perhaps the most valuable thing in ones life.  We are born and suddenly we are a teen ager, turn around again we are in our thirty's wondering where our youth went, and turn around again and we are on the verge of death.

Time slips by with us many times not being aware of it.  We wake up and are a day older then when we went to sleep, we see our friends and family and people we admire age before us.

Yet many of us go through the days, without learning and realizing how valuable, neigh precious time is.  Until that is, when we lose someone of significance, a family member or close friend.  We wonder how did my father suddenly get so old, and when did he become so ill?

We miss out on opportunities to improve relation-ships, because of the passing of time.

Because time is not infinite and goes by so quickly, we need to use time to wisely.  Instead of spending hours wrapped up on facebook, or blogger, or watching a football game or movie or our favorite television series, we need to focus on the people in our lives.

Whether these people be our directly family, family in law or friends does not matter.  What does, is that we get away from the traps of our televisions and computers and books and spend that time wisely with the people who are significant to us.

As Pat Benatar once sang, "Why waste Precious Time"


  1. Addendum

    Time is precious because we can never get it back once it is gone. Once a day is gone it is gone. We can always read a book, that book will be there forever.

    But the time we have can not be picked up again it is lost forever.

  2. We do tend to fall in to traps and waste our time.
    However, if we use the time we have wisely, even if it is to watch a movie with another, it is time well spent.

  3. We all are so quilty of wasting precious time. Unfortunately this is part of the human factor NOT realizing until after we've lost something or someone before we understand the importance. Sad, but true!

    Life is way too short to not stop and smell the roses!