Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Memorial

On September 20th 2012, the city of Aurora closed down the living memorial that had been located at Sable Blvd and Centerpoint, across from the Centerpoint Mall and the RTD Centerpoint station. The items are in storage for the most part.  Some items are on display at the Municipal Building.

The excuse that the city gave was that the weather was changing, and that they had spoken to the family members of those who had lost family.  That everyone was in agreement that this was the best thing.

Well not all of us feel this was the best thing.  The city has locked up the majority of the items in an undisclosed location, where only family members will have access.

The memorial was a mix of candles, teddy bears, crosses, cards photos and more.  What ever someone felt was fitting, and in good taste was there, and every time there were more items.  It was a growing and living memorial.  Not static and not one with hands off labels every where.

People sent things from Missouri, Israel, all over to the memorial.  It gave people a place to come, to grieve and most importantly, a place to remember.

Now it is one more vacant lot up for sale.  For profit was behind the citys reason to shut down the memorial.

The people of Aurora need this memorial, we don't need another tract of land developed into a mini mall.

We also need the Century 16 movie theater to be reopened.  Perhaps the theater where Batman rise of the Dark Knight was showing, can be used as a place for the memorial.

Aurora needs this, we want our memorial back.

We need to remember and heal. We need there to be justice and we need to be sure this never happens again.

                                                 THE MEMORIAL 
A photographic journey, all photos by MG Richards except for photos of MG Richards, these photos were taken by David of Miami.
People stop to view the memorial.

Candles of all kinds, left in memory.

Banners and Placards from all over.

Photos of those who lost their lives.


More photos of those who died.

A gopher praying.  Life continues.

Me at the memorial.  Photo by David from Miami

David from Miami.



  1. Having seen this myself, I can only say...beautiful.

    We remember.

  2. All I can say is there is a group of quilters that are doing our best to get quilts to the families and victims of this tragedy. The Aurora Communications center received the first 83 and now we are trying to get more out to those that were wounded and families of the lost. We will continue to move forward.

    please stop by and like us on FB