Tuesday, January 1, 2013

52 Week Challenge

1 Do 52 week photos

2 Publish a book of photos of Sedona

3 Write a complete online story

4 Write a complete novel get published

5 Write  52 weeks of Poetry

6 Take all busses to all areas in Aurora

7 Do a photo blog of Aurora, area by area

8 Go back to Manitou Springs

9 Save money for trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming

10 Ride the rapids

11 Go camping

12 Go to Lake Dillon and stay at Holiday Inn

13 Go to Lake Dillon and go fishing

14 Have enough Money to buy a car by years end

15 Have enough money to visit Jason and Della in Vegas for Xmas

16  Restart my model collection

17 Display my models at the Aurora Public Library

18 Display and sell my photos at a art Gallery

19 Complete my blogger Saturday Cereal story

20 Become financially independent

21 Find new apartment with better features close to same price range with better location.

22 Publish a book of my poetry

23 See 52 new movies including  the new STAR TREK, James Bond and Hobbit movies

1 The Muppets 1/5/2013 Showtime  Great movie.

24 Read 12 books

1 Beyond Religon by Barbara Meyer

25 Rebuild my music collection

26 Start burning my own music mixes again

27 Travel to Germany visit Aaron

28 Build resources for move to Sedona in 3 years

29 Build and improve my skills

30 Go back to school full time

31 Pay off Student loans

32 Go to one Rockies Game

33 Go to one Broncos game

34 Rid a horse

35 See Pawn Stars Pawn shop

36 Go to Los Angeles and see Hollywood sign

37 Go to Gramans Chinese

38 Get stuff out of storage and back to Colorado

39 Go to Dallas Texas see South Fork Ranch

40 Go to Washington D.C.

41 Spend 2 months exploring Smithsonian museum

42 Go to White House

43 Have photo taken with President Obama

44 Write proposal to have people decorate Pine trees in the Canyon in Sedona

45 Appear on O'Reilly Factor

46 Write my 3 Crows book

47 Save up money to visit Josh and Natasha in Missouri Christmas 2013

48 Get new TV with closed captioning

49 Get new digital camera

50 Get Digital Recorder for my wife

51 Go to one STAR CON

52 Have new job paying between $9:00 - $14.00 an hour

1 comment:

  1. Lofty goals but you can do them if you set your mind to them!