Friday, January 4, 2013

Poetry from the Soul of Me. A weekly challenge

I used to write poetry, daily.  I wrote romantic verse, historic and dramatic as well as political poetry.  For the past year I have not written hardly any, so I am doing a weekly challenge to see if I can write at least one poem per week.

Here is my first effort, inspired by my two most recent walkabouts here in Sedona Arizona.

                                        Walkabout on State Route 89A

Waking on State route 89A, is something you can do in less than a day.

Walking from where it begins at Sunrise and Coffeepot Drive, can stimulate you and make you feel alive.

As you walk past places like Walgreens and Natural Grocery, you view the stunning beauty of nature that is everywhere, going on for infinity.

As you continue your journey, you suddenly realize that now you are surrounded only by natures' tranquility.

Mountain ranges seem to go on endlessly, as does the mix of open lands and regions with cactus of so many types that you can not count them, they seem to be endless in variety.

You do not get tired nor does your body ache, you seem to be revitalized by the walk and feel you could continue without stopping or needing to eat.  Yet as the sign for Junction 179 comes into sight, you know it is time to go back before the onset of night.

Mark Tamirisc M Dagda Richards Sedona Arizona Friday, January 4th 2013.

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