Sunday, January 27, 2013

Call Me Java The Hunt for Harmon Rabb Jr.

"There are times you have to wonder how the universe works, take the events that I was involved in just a day ago I was in a police station in Los-Angles, with some of the most powerful people in law enforcement.  Here I am a Private detective and I occasionally work with H.P.D., but I have never worked with Five-O and I haven't been near either a JAG officer or NCIS agent since I left the Navy."

"So when I got back to the estate, I had to work this through, of course I thought of contacting Rick and T.C. first, but they might not have believed me... And Higgins.  Well the more I thought about what had happened, I wasn't sure I believed it."

So here I was in the middle of an investigation to find a former JAG officer that had fallen off the map, and FLAG, The Foundation for Law and Government along with NCIS, and possibly one of the sharpest lawyers of all time, by the name of Perry Mason, were all involved."

"Why was I involved in this?  This was way above anything I had handled since becoming a Private Eye.  I needed to talk with someone, but who?  Who would believe me?"

"So I decided I needed to stop at the estate, clean up and look at this from a fresh perspective."

As the Jimmy approached the gates of Robins Nest, Thomas Magnum began to relax, he felt some of the stress of this unusual case melt away, because he was home.  Well the closest thing he had to a home.  He pressed the remote and nothing.  He pressed the remote again, still nothing.

"Higgins. open the gate."

There was a long stretch of silence then...

"Oh, Magnum, I did not know you had returned.  Please wait."

Magnum could tell something was up, it always was when Higgins responded as he had.  Who was it this time, the Queen of England, a former head of British Security, knowing Higgins it could even be the President.  No if it were a major Political official Magnum knew things would even be tighter.  Before he could reason this out the gates opened and he saw Higgins waiting at the driveway with the lads.

Magnum pulled the Jimmy in and parked alongside the Ferrari.  He began to wonder if he had over reacted, it didn't seem anyone else was on the grounds, and it didn't look like any additional security was in place.  

"How was your stay in California?"

Now Magnum knew something was wrong, Higgins was being civil,

"It was fine until I was called into one of the local Precincts."

"Ah then you were briefed about the disappearance of Mr. Rabb Jr then, good.  Come along, we need to talk."

"Higgins, how... Why were you... Why do we need to talk?"

"Come along Magnum, you know I was part of MI-6, I was informed immediately of the situation.  For some reason they feel you will be of value too in this investigation."

"They?  Who are they...?"

As Thomas Magnum asked this he saw his answer walking toward him, both Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Steve McGarrett were approaching across the lawn from the main estate.

Magnum shook his head, he could not believe what he saw, he was not surprised to see Leroy Gibbs here, he had seen him in Los Angeles, but to be in the presence of Steve McGarrett was one thing he had never expected.  Not involving a case at least.

It was Steve McGarrett who spoke up, his deep baritone voice cutting through the cool air, both rough and gentle in tone.

"Mr. Magnum, I know you are already familiar with the basic aspects of this case, you were in Los Angeles Precinct when this whole case exploded upon us.  As head of Five-0 I am deputizing you to assist in this matter.  This will be on a need to know basis, and you being a former Navy Seal know what that means."

I understand, but I am not sure what I can do.  I mean both Five-O and NCIS have resources I don't.  I am just a private detective."

Now it was Gibbs who spoke.

"Actually, we have resources that can help in certain areas, however Mr. Magnum, you have contacts we don't and we don't have time to establish those contacts.  We need you to talk the people you know, find out what we can't."

"You want me to talk with Ice Pick, and see if he knows anything?"

Now it was McGarret who responded, his brown seemed to look into Magnums' very soul, as if they were kindred spirits.

"Yes, you have contacts with the local crime bosses that we can not manage to have because of our positions.  You need to find out what they know about Rabb, if anything.  As a former Naval Officer I trust you Mr. Magnum, but we need your help quickly, time is our enemy here."

Magnum froze, he looked at McGarrett and Gibbs and then at Higgins.

"What's happened?  You have heard something since we left Los Angles."

Gibbs walked over and smacked Magnum on the head.

"What did you do that for?"

"I felt you needed it.  Yes we heard something, but we have no way to know if this is true or not.  You need to find out for us.  We need this as of yesterday."

Gibbs turned to look at McGarrett, his tone less abrasive.

"I need to join my team, we have a possible lead, I will tell you the details on the way."

Magnum's voice cut through the air.

"Leaving me out of the loop Agent Gibbs?"

"That's Special Agent, and as Mr. McGarrett said this is all on a need to know basis.  You will be informed after Mr. McGarrett and I discuss the matter, we will determine your need to know."

Thomas Magnum was a patriot, he had helped the Navy several times since leaving the service, but he always had been given information, well almost always.

"It goes both ways, Special Agent Gibbs.  I could find something and determine N.C.I.S. didn't need to know."

McGarrett smiled wryly and Gibbs hated it when he dealt with ex service people who knew the protocol too well.  He looked at McGarret and spoke quietly, then turned back to face Magnum.

"Not out here, too many chances to be overheard, ears could be anywhere."

"If you gentlemen will follow me, we can use the main facilities of Robins Nest, which is extremely secure."

Gibbs looked at his watch, then at both McGarrett, Higgins and Magnum.

"Very well, but I will need to make a call, your phone lines are secured correct?"

"Of course they are.  This way gentlemen, Magnum."

Thomas Magnum wondered what had been discovered, he wondered more what Ice Pick would want for the information he needed, and he wondered how did he explain the need to talk with Ice Pick to Rick, without bringing him and T.C. into this case?  He knew the answer, he couldn't.  They would be involved and he knew they wouldn't believe him, then again he wasn't sure he believed any of this himself.


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  1. Nice to see the "Cereal" return. It has been awhile. I know you had writer's block there for a bit but this newest chapter is certain par.

    Great job hon!