Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Positive Statement

Last night, my wife and I attended a movie at the Aurora Century Theater at the Aurora Mall, aka Centerpoint Plaza Mall.

This was a significant event, not just because it was the first movie we had seen together, since before I left Missouri in May of last year.  The other reason this was significant, was that The Aurora Century theater had closed in July 20th of last year, and there had been a huge question if it would ever reopen.

When the Aurora Century closed in July, there was the distinct possibility  that it would never open again.  

Yet Thursday of this week the Aurora Century theater did reopen, revamped and improved.  To get the community to come back the General Manager and staff, made it a full weekend of free movies and a small free popcorn and small soda.

By four thirty this afternoon the theater was packed and people were enjoying movies and everything from the free popcorn to Rocky Road Ice Cream cones.

There is one question that remains to be answered, will the community still support the theater after the free weekend?  I personally believe so, and I will be going back to the theater in the next few weeks to see how well things continue.

I will tell you this, the film my wife and I saw was "Hotel Transylvania  and I will be discussing this in Tuesdays' Favorites, so tune in then to find out how great this movie is.

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