Friday, May 10, 2013

Anora, an amazing book

It has been quite some time, since I last reviewed a book.  I have read several in the past months, but none has struck me the way Anora did.

Anora is what would be called a short story, 63 pages all together and that includes illustrations.  That's right a book only 63 pages long, but with the power of a work by Shakesphere or Hemmingway.

I am not exaggerating.  

Anora is the first book by Thomas L Trujillo, a young man who is dedicating himself to the writers path, he has put every fiber of his being into the process and it shows with this remarkable book.

What is Anora about?

It is about a young woman who becomes the center point of a drama about a young man known only as Johnny.  

Johnny is a man in his youth filled with anger who becomes a Marine and goes off to fight in the Jungles of Vietnam.

His experience change him, both physically and emotionally, and these changes lead him to Pennsylvania and his meeting with Anora.

According to the fly leaf this book is a work of fiction, however the way events are described, from Johnny's imprisonment by the Viet Cong, to his struggles with his life after Vietnam, have the spark of a personal tale, one that Mr. Trujillo lived.  

However since he does not say this and since his biography is brief this is more my intuition more than anything.  There is always a quality in writing, when it is based on fact and not merely the product of a writers imagination.  Anora is this kind of book.

In 63 pages you will be taken on an amazing journey of the heart, mind and soul... and most importantly you will feel emotions on a level that is amazing for a first book and for a short story.  

Anora gets 5 stars and is a must read.

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  1. Fantastic review honey of his book. I loved it as much as you.

    Thanks for reviewing it.