Monday, May 13, 2013

Mondays' Music Moves me. Some fun music.

I know, you were probably expecting me to continue my epic story in music, and honestly that is what I had thought of doing.  However I realized that for this free bee I just wanted to do some relaxing or fun music.  

No deep themes, no dark passages.  So let's see where this voyage takes us.

Bet some of you didn't know that Julie London wasn't just a great actress, but also an amazing Jazz Singer.  Here is her upbeat version of Fly me to the moon.

A song about life, by Joni Mitchell.

Mr Nat King Cole, smooth and silky with some sentimental reasons.

And closing off this relaxing musical journey is Dave Brubeck and his quartet, live from Germany. 

 We hope you enjoyed this presentation from the 2:A.M. club, the only place you can come, take a load off and enjoy the best music the world has and had to share.  Til next time cool cats, this is  your D.J, Catt signing off.


  1. Well, DUDE OF DUDES! How's goin? Oh yeah, luvin' ol' Nat & the rest.,and hubby shouted out "Take Five", when I put on your video. He knew right away! :) Thanks for joinin' us my friend & give a hug to the wifey for me will ya! She's been a real friend to me! Hugs for you to & thanks again! YOU ROCK MR. JAZZ HIMSELF!

  2. Yes you had me hooked with your story :) But I understand wanting to break away.

    And Nat is such natural :)

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Have a fun week