Friday, May 31, 2013

Doctor, yes. No Doctor, Who are you?

It was a quiet night in the E.R., Doctor  House was making the rounds, as he saw someone who he had never seen in the hospital before.

He didn't really think this was odd, there were many physicians he had not met as yet, especially since Doctor Cuddy was constantly bringing in new physicians to replace him or worse still undermine him.  But this man was different.   Their was a sense of power about him, a sense that he was a doctor.

"Excuse me, ah Doctor?"

The man looked up from the report he was reading, and looked at this young man.  He smiled and in a deep English accent responded.


"Excuse me, but I do not believe we have met as yet.  I am Doctor House, and you are?"

The Doctor smiled, he knew what was about to happen, he had been through this so many times before.

"The Doctor."

"Doctor Who?"

The Doctors' grin grew wider as he continued reading the report.

"Yes, yes I am.  What did you say your name was again Doctor?"

House hobbled toward this arrogant British Doctor.  It was bad enough he was arrogant, but he was British as well.  Why were British Doctors always so arrogant?   He stopped and looked at this mans' face, he could see how intent this Doctor was, he wondered whose report or records he was reading.

"I am Doctor Gregory House, and I would like to know your name Doctor?"

The Doctor closed the file and looked at House, his face showed no emotions, well except perhaps keen interest.  He removed his glasses and put them in his leather coat top pocket.

"As I said Doctor House, I am just the Doctor."

House was not enjoying this, he knew this had to be Cuddys' doing, she had to be miffed at him for some minor thing he had done.  

"Listen Mac, I do not appreciate games, I know that Doctor Cuddy is behind this, so just tell me which Doctor are you?

"No I am not the Witch Doctor, now there is a rumor he was a fifth or sixth cousin removed many times over, but it was never proven.  And with Galafree gone, there is no way of knowing."

House was now only inches from this man and he was ready to strike him with his cane.

"So you are some nut case, a loon who has managed to get into my hospital and is looking at someones record with no authority, because you are a nut case and not a Doctor."

The could see that Doctor House was getting more agatated.  He put back on his glasses and rechecked the name on the file, suddenly his face softened as did his voice.

"I am so sorry, I did not realize you are, pardon me Doctor House, I need to leave, it has been a pleasure meeting you."

"What are you talking about, you aren't going anywhere, whose file is that...  How did you get my file, what is this nonsense here, what are you trying to..."

There was a humming sound and then a brief flash of light.  Doctor House began to sag to the floor, but the Doctor caught him and carried him to a near by couch.  He laid Doctor House on the couch and then collected the file.

"You will remember none of this.  It was a pleasure to meet you.  Now I must be going."

The Doctor began to walk down the look dark corridor as Doctor Lisa Cuddy approached him, she had a stern look in her eyes.

"Okay what did you do..."

In seconds she was laid out on the next couch and before anyone else arrived the Doctor entered his TARDIS and left.  Only a simple note for Doctor House was left,

The next Day Doctor House awoke with his interns staring oddly at him, he slowly rose, as he did the note on TARDIS Blue paper fell to the floor.

House picked up the  note and read it.  His face was puzzled as he read the short note from someone known only as The Doctor.

"Doctor House, I leave you this note, from one Doctor to another.

Time is the most valuable thing we have, some of us are blessed with what some would call imortality, others have normal lives.  

You have a normal life, but your time is short, I came to see if there was anything I could do to extend your life, you are a brilliant physician and a very dynamic person.

However I am unable to prevent the events which will unfold in the weeks to come.  Use the time you have to live life to the fullest.  

I wish I had had the chance to meet you sooner.  The Doctor.

House crumpled the note.

"What did it say House?"

"Nothing, it was just worthless prattle.  Now let's get started with todays' rounds."

                                              *     *     *     *

As the Doctor stood behind the controls of the TARDIS, he looked at a display, seeing images of himself all with the same look of concern.  A younger version of himself with curly hair and a scarf that went on forever spoke in a compassionate tone, through the gates of time.

"I know, you had hoped to intervene and prevent this ones early death, I tried many times and unfortunately, sometimes we Time Lords can not stop events."

"I don't even understand how all of you are here with me, this isn't supposed to happen."

"We are all aspects of you, we are always with you and right now we are present because you needed our presence."

This was an older version of himself, with white hair and a garish cape.

"So I am always with myself, even if I am unaware of it.  I am wondering if Doctor House wasn't right, maybe being the last Time Lord I have gone off my rocker."

"Sorry, if that's the case we all have been off the rocker since the very beginning, you just needed us this time.  We will leave though so you can come to terms, as you choose on your own."

This was a younger version wearing a straw hat with question marks on it and a white suit coat also with multi colored question marks.

"No, stay.  I appreciate you, all of you, all of me being here."

The TARDIS traveled on and the Doctor slowly came back to his present form, alone at the controls, knowing he did all he could for a Doctor named House.


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