Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Sunday Cereal... Call me Java Deeper and deeper

'I had been bothered, ever since I had spoken with Devon Miles, I did not know this man, and yet something seemed so... out of place.  I had spoken with Michael over the phone, but even he seemed different.  Perhaps I was hearing things that were not there, yet... I could not shake the feeling something was wrong.  I needed to talk to someone else... So I decided to visit my friend Lieutenant Pool at  Pearl Harbor, maybe she could help me figure this out.'

"No Thomas, I can't."

"Come on, it's not like Buck is going to walk in here and quote regulations...  He's standing right behind me, isn't he?"

"That will be all Lieutenant."

There was a prolonged silence as Maggie Pool left the room, slowly Thomas turned to see a man who had been a royal pain in Magnums' backside. 

Buck Green was just one of those by the book Marines that made Naval officers want to get into bar room brawls with Marines, any Marine.

"You know, Magnum, I thought I made it clear as mud, you were not to be allowed access here.  But I keep forgetting, it's Navy jocks like you who don't understand orders.  Oh excuse me, ex Navy jocks.  Now I will say this one last time, you are not allowed access to this facility...ever."

Before Magnum could respond a  Baritone voice that could cut glass.

"Mr. Magnum is working on a very special case Colonel, and has complete authority of Five-O to be here and ask any questions or get any assistance he requires."

Colonel Green and Thomas Magnum turned at the same time, to see Steve McGarrett standing there.

"Now wait one minute, why is Five-O here?  And what do you mean that Mister... Magnum has your authority?"

Now it was Thomas who spoke.

"He means that I am part of a special task force looking into the disappearance of one Harmon Rabb Jr."

"That is an internal matter being handled by the Navy alone, and I do not recall anyone asking for Five-O's assistance either."

McGarrett walked over and stood in front of Buck Green, there was maybe an inch and half between the two men and Magnum was standing in silence enjoying seeing someone else give Buck Green a reprimand that Magnum had wished he could have, with the authority that Steve McGarrett had.

"Jonathon Kay of the State Department brought us in and has authorized all parties in this investigation, including Mister Magnum."  McGarrett walked to the desk and reached for the phone.  "Now Colonel, if you like, I will be glad to get Mr. Kay on the phone, and you may speak with him directly."

Buck Green could see McGarrett's hand reaching for the phone, he could see the cold expression in McGarretts' eyes.  

"Alright.  So what can I do for you gentlemen."

                                     *    *    *    *

Perry Mason and Della Street had arrived in Hawaii a week after Paul Drake.  Right now they were meeting at a small cafe on the island of Kauai.  The cafe was called The Beef and Pasta and as they sat eating some of the best pasta in the world, Paul was giving them the latest news.

"Well Perry, it is as if the people who know anything have either suddenly gone missing or are not willing to talk.  No one, including the Navy is willing to say anything."

Perry took a sip of the local beer and then looked at his associate and friend.

"Paul, have you tried..."

"Perry, I have tried even my old contacts, from when I was in the Navy here, years back.  No-one, and I mean no one is talking.  You would think this is the second attack on Pearl Harbor or something."

Della looked at the two men and in her coy and innocent tone planted one of her seeds.

"Well gentlemen, perhaps it is time I try to see what I can find out."

"Hmm, that might not be such a bad idea.  Della, perhaps you could be a relative or friend of Mr. Rabb Jr."

"Trust me Perry, I know what to do.  You will excuse me gentlemen, I must prepare myself."

Della Street rose from the table and walked toward the exit.  

"The distinguished gentleman at the table will cover my tab, thank you."

"Well, Perry looks, like Della's leaving us with the bill."

"Us, I think she means you.  I will see you later Paul, I need to check in with an old friend."

"But, Perry!  This is why I enjoyed it when he moved to Colorado."

                                   *    *    *    *

Thomas Magnum was still reeling after the session in Buck Green's office.  The information that came out was more than what he or McGarrett had expected.  Now he wondered if NCIS has been given this information?  Of course they had, they were the official Naval service responsible for finding Rabb Jr.  Then again?

 'The one thing I have learned about the military and how it works, is that if you expect there to be inner service cooperation, don't.  I decided I needed to talk with Special Agent Gibbs.  Someone needed to let him know what this was all about.'

Magnum turned the Ferrari around and headed toward the NCIS office.  Suddenly, he felt like this was going to be a very long day, and he wondered if they were any closer to resolving this case?


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