Monday, April 6, 2015

A to Z Challenge E is for ENTERPRISE

I have been a fan of STAR TREK, since the series originally premiered back in 1966 and have followed almost every incarnation of the series from first to last season.  

The last version of the TREK universe was simply titled Enterprise and starred Scott Bakula as Captain Johnathon Archer, the captain of the prototype of the Enterprise.  The series was at times much darker but still had the foundations of TREK.

Here is the title sequence, the only TREK ever not to use an orchestral theme and the familiar "Space the final frontier..." set up for a ship named Enterprise.


  1. bringing back memories with these old tv shows - loved cheers! and i remember adam 12 too as a kid, so serious! i'll always love the original star trek. tv sure has changed!
    happy e day!

  2. I love those oldies but goodies. I think they'll be shone on TV a hundred years from now.

  3. I never got in to Star Trek. I just knew the basics. I did, however, just start streaming the series on Amazon. I'm only about five or six episodes into the first season.