Saturday, April 11, 2015

A to Z Challenge J is for JEOPARDY for 200 Alex

I grew up watching as many game shows as I did dramas and comedies.  One game show I still watch is Jeopardy.  I have always loved this show and one day hope to be a champion on it.


  1. I enjoy Jeopardy too. I've never really tuned in for it, it was always just a matter of whether the TV was on at that time or not. Except that is, for a short few months when my oldest son was into watching it and of course, when Ken Jennings had that winning streak. I sure tuned in for that!

  2. I used to watch Jeopardy when I was a kid. That means it has been around a long time!

    1. Probably as long as I since Alex Trebeck is the second host of the series for 200.