Thursday, April 16, 2015

A To Z Challenge N is for NCIS et al and The NEWSROOM

I remember when I saw the first episode of NCIS I hated it, they were out to convict Harmon Raabb Jr of Murder and I did not want to watch any show that had characters out to get other characters.  Does that tell you how invested I was in JAG.

Over time I have become a full fledged fan of NCIS and NCIS L.A.  Because of the great acting and use of older actors in lead roles and because especially with the original NCIS it has such rich stories that keep you on the edge of your seaat like a great mystery novel, and it is so cool to see David McCullem as Ducky, he is one remarkable actor.

There is one other N which I am able to see maybe twice a year, mainly because it is a production of HBO and I only have access when Comcast does their one week watch-a-thon week.

The show is The NEWSROOM, an outstanding series set in the newsroom of a network T.V. station.  Each episode is based on a recent event that did take place and being told from the perspective of, is this event "big" enough to be covered, or the consequences of calling a political party, "The Tea Party" the American Taliban.

The cast is outstanding the writing pulls you in and for an hour you forget you are watching a television series.  

So if you have not seen this series catch it on Watch-a-thon week or rent the boxed sets.  Hell for that matter buy the boxed sets they are that good.

I do not know if these videos will be view-able here on blogger,  If not go to Youtube and look for THE NEWSROOM Opening season 1 and 2 and "The Tea Party The American Taliban.  

I find it interesting if these videos are not available it is about what the the network in THE NEWSROOM deals with censorship.  Strange world.

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