Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mondays Music Haunts Me Bwaaa Haaa Haaa Haaa

Welcome, well it isn't Halloween yet, but we are just days away, so here is my tribute to one of the funnest times of the year.

How to begin, Hmmm, maybe we need a vampire slayer to begin things with... Who can we get?  Maybe what's her name? Buffy....

That wasn't Buffy, how'd that happen???

Since we're talking bats... Here's a tribute to someone who really is.  Bats that is.  20 Years of Batman.
Not a piece of music but a clip from a classic suspense series that lasted only years on NBC, from 1960, to 1962, and featured a myriad of stars, such as William Shatner, John Carradine and the two up and coming stars seen here, Tom Poston and Elizabeth Montgomery.  The show Borris Karlofs' Thriller and this opening segment is from their 1961 Halloween episode Masquerade.  
The intro to one of the most horrifying shows of all times.


  1. Man cave, bat man, I've covered these two subjects on my other blog. :-) Happy Monday.

  2. Great link up for today's theme! I just love Boris Karloff and remember him from the old mummy movies of the 60s. He's just plain spooking looking, don't you agree? Now, I'm not familiar with Psycho House, but this looks like a fun TV series. Too bad I couldn't find it on Netflix! Anyhow, thanks for dancing with with us this week on 4M Halloween Theme Party!

    1. Cathy, the house was used in Alfred Hitchcock's movie Psycho, that was the reference that the person who posted the link was making. The clip was from Borris Karlofs series Thriller, and it was titled Masquerade. Memorable Entertainment TV or MeTV carried a marathon of Borris Karlofs Thriller and Masquerade was the final episode. It was wonderfully humorous and well paced, with a surprise ending.

      And yes Borris was very spooky looking.

  3. You have quite a mix here dahlin'

    Thanks for rocking with us.

    Happy Monday! :)

  4. nothing better then some batman for Halloween

  5. Either my computer is weirding out or yours is. I wrote something and POOF! I was saying DAM that was Elizabeth Montgomery. I don't remember that! What picks you have. Very entertaining I must say. I haven't seen Thriller and Night Gallery in forever! Fabulous dude. YOU ROCK! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  6. Those were some awesome selections for this week's theme! It was weird seeing Elizabeth Montgomery and Tom Poston in that clip! :) Have a great week! :)

    Problem – Somebody’s Watching Me do the Monster Mash with Werewolves in London causing A Nightmare On My Street… Zing!

  7. all these scary things today...I'm leaving a light on tonight! I'm such a wuss.