Monday, October 8, 2012

Mooove Me That's what Monday's Music Does.

What moves me, is music that has feeling or power to it.  It does not matter to me if this is from a movie, or a piece of music by an artist like Pink Floyd.

So this again will be an eclectic journey, hold and be ready for some surprises.

Well for the second week, I am beginning with another PINK FLOYD Video, hmmm strange how that is the case.  This is an amazing adaptation of the song, and a version I would not have considered.  I am a literalist at times, so I would have done more of a direct representation of the song.  That being said, this is very well done and takes the song in a much more intimate direction.

Also, have to admit I love the use of black and white as well as color in this.  So here is Pink Floyd's WISH YOU WERE HERE.

I am a huge fan of the music of THE ROLLING STONES, their music is expressive and definitely moves me.  When I can I look for other artists, who have done covers of groups music, just so I can hear a new perspective on a favorite song.  Well PAINT IT BLACK, has been a favorite Rolling Stones song, since I first heard it in the mid 1980s'.  So I was looking for a good version of the song, that was more than just a singer singing.  I found this version by WASP.  A group I had never heard of.  Now it is not a perfect rendition, but it is interesting.  So here is WASP's version of one of my favorite Rolling Stone Songs, PAINT IT BLACK, and this song definitely moves me.

This is not the official video, but it represents the song so well, with the images presented.  Now be careful, if you blink you will miss the image that goes with the song.  This is one of my favorite songs by Billy Joel, and it definitely moves me.  WE DIDN'T STAR THE FIRE.
Perhaps one of my favorite love songs of all times, sung by one of the greatest singers, from a great film.  Is that great enough for you?  The Song... SPEAK SOFTLY LOVE... The Singer Andy Williams, who passed just recently.  No one could sing like Andy.  The Movie, well I'll make you an offer, you can't refuse.  THE GODFATHER, with Marlon Brando.  So this song, singer and movie definitely move me.

So there you have it.  These are the songs, the music that definitely move me.  

Quick apology to anyone, who has gone to last weeks Mondays' Music and tried to view the clip from STAR TREK II, but Paramount Studios found out and has blocked the video.  Guess they don't want people promoting their movies.

So enjoy this music and in two weeks I will be leading you in something very interesting.  Until then.

Enjoy your week and may Mondays' Music always Move You.


  1. Offer I can't refuse huh? I thought that was your engagement proposal. hee hee
    Great stuff here hon. Of course I love Pink Floyd and would crank that up any day in our household!
    Love you,
    ~Your Wife

  2. Pink Floyd and Billy Joel two of my favorites, my husband loves the Rolling Stones and over time as they have been cranked up throughout the house they have grown on me.
    Have a great week!

  3. Definitely man music :)
    Thanks for sharing your tunes and tidbits about each.

    Have a great week!

  4. Dude the one & only song I know on the acoustic guitar. Pink Flyod! Get out! Totally rockin'! So have you ever heard Rolling Stones Brown Sugar played regaee style? It's too funny. Hubby's band plays that. The audience gets wild & everyone on the floor. hahahaha I like the Rolling Stones Paint it black better. Guess I'm just use to it. I grew up with Billy Joel so his songs can do no wrong in my eyes that's for sure. You want to know what my family was like when I was little watch the Godfather. Hmmm I think Grandpa looks like him, but I totally forgot Andy Williams sang that song. I guess I only here the instrumental version cuz when I miss my family I watch the Godfather. I have every single one. What great actors!!! Thanks for sharing a wonderful memories for me.

  5. I really like your choices but I LOVE Paint It Black. Very, very interesting rendition. Never before heard by my ears. And you added one of my fav Billy Joel's because it's so different from most of his others. I really enjoy Mondays because I get to hear all this fantastic music! Have a great week!

  6. Love your choices, but especially Andy Williams singing the theme from "The Godfather!" That was my in-laws favorite song. Have a great week!

  7. Great choices! I love Pink Floyd! Thanks for rockin' with us!

  8. Dancing a day late, but you know what I always say…"better late than never!" We Didn't Start the Fire is definitely a tune to crank up. It's amazing how much history has changed in the past 70 years & goodness, I just love Andy Williams! Thanks for sharing your Turn Up the Volume song picks on Monday's Music Moves Me - great selection!

  9. Wish You Were Here - on my all time faves. Not a bad version of Paint It Black. very cool video for Joel's iconic song: that's a lot of events!!
    Andy Williams - been listening to Moon River and Can't Take My Eyes off You a lot.