Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday's Music Moves Me. Music of transfortmation and beginnings.

This week for me is about taking back ones life.  What better way to start, than with Pink Floyd's Learning to Fly.
For everything there is a first time...
It always begins with something to believe in.  Clannad,


  1. Music definitely transforms oneself and here we are a new beginning of a new month. How on earth did this happen so quickly? Oh well, thanks for joining Monday's Music Moves Me my friend!

  2. I love how music can inspire us in good ways.

    Thank you for sharing and hanging out with us.

    Have a lovely day!

  3. Any post with a Floyd and a Star Trek reference gets an A+++ from me!

  4. Hubby loves Pink Floyd too! Star Trek???? You're kidding right? ARe you a Trekky? Did you know Sulu is gay & look look who'd in there! HA DAM WHAT'S HER NAME NOW - SHE GOT REAL FAT & recently she lost weight from being on Dancing with the stars... oh crap! I know I heard that last one, but sorry don't remember it, but cool. Thanks for sharing and ROCK ON DUDE!!!!

    1. Marie Brennen of Clannad. Never heard she had been over weight. Don't watch Dancing with the stars. Now Burn Notice, yes.

      Yes I am a Trekker, have been since I was 6 years old.

      But my passion now is Burn Notice, a spy series, that is amazing, and rediscovering Babylon 5 after all these years. Missed a lot of episodes in this series and am seeing the full run, for the first time. Just saw the season one ending and was disappointed.

      Thanks for visiting, and for your comments. See you next Monday, when I host.

      Everyone, think of international musiSee you all next Monday.

  5. You for sure appealed my my inner nerd with this one. Happy Monday! Live long and Prosper

  6. Great stuff and on your way to that transformation.
    Love you!