Thursday, December 12, 2013

A bit of Missouri here in Denver, Co, St. Louis Pizza

On Tuesday of this week, December 9th, my wife and I went to a new restaurant that was like a journey back to Missouri.  The restaurant is the Arch Pizza, Saint Louis style Pizza located on on East Colfax Ave.

What makes this different from all other Pizza parlors?  First is the sauce, this is not out of the can Tomato Sauce, but a special sauce from a restaurant in Missouri that set the standard and style of Arch Pizza.  Imo's Pizza.

The sauce is like when KFC was Kentucky Fried Chicken and Colonel Saunders had his original mix of herbs and spices that made Kentucky Fried Chicken unique and as the ad used to say, finger licking good.

Arch Pizza also features something unique to Missouri too, Toasted Ravioli. There is no explaining this, it is something you must taste... It is amazing.

Two other things that make Arch different from your average Pizza Parlor is there use of Provalone cheese instead of Mozzarella, American or Parmasian cheese which are the standards for most other Pizza parlors, and then there is the Itallian Dressing.  Netither too spicy, nor too sweet, just that right mix which is great for the salads and for putting on or dipping your Pizza in.

We can not forget that unlike most Pizza's Arch cuts their Pizzas' into squares and that it is thin crust Pizza.  The square cut Pizza is a trademark again of Imo's.

So if you can't get to Missouri then come to Arch Pizza on 6110 East Colfax and enjoy some of the best Pizza in Denver.

 Toasted Ravioli's
 Amazing Salad with Provolone Cheese.
 The logo of this restaurant
 Photos from the actual Saint Louis Arch under Construction.
 Small, Medium, Large Extra Large size for the Pizza lover.
 One of their tables next to their logo
Two very happy patrons of the Arch.  My wife and I.  This last photo was taken by Jacob, one of the staff at Arch Pizza.

Sorry, I did not get any pictures of the Pizza, thought I had taken them, but apparently we ate the Pizza so quickly that we never took any photos.

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  1. I want more toasted ravioli. That pizza was.....OH MY GOSH GOOD!