Monday, December 16, 2013

Mondays' Music Movies Me. Christmas time and Holidays of the Season

I apologize for taking last week off, I was in a funky place and was not in a musical mood.

But I am back with some Christmas favorites and other seasonal music.

Why do I put other seasonal music here?

Because this is a time of year of celebrating and sharing the most important aspect, being together as a family.

So here is a mix, that I hope you will enjoy, no matter your path or the music you love.

What better way to start, than with this classic
Now for something completely different, a piece by Enya, a charming and amazing Celtic singer.
This next song became very popular during World War Two, it spoke for the hopes of service men and their families.
Listen carefully to the first part of the song, where Bing sings solo then where the chorus comes in, you will hear changes in the words.  This was the original version where it was "You can count on me."  

Here's some music for my friends who celebrate Chanukah this time of year.  Hope you enjoy this musical mix.

Last up is this song.  Talk of two cultures coming together Celtic Women singing this classic song.
Until next week, this does it this time out.  Hope you enjoyed this mix of music.


  1. I love your selections this week. I may leave the page up and play them over and over.
    Thank you!

  2. Glad you are back and I hope you are feeling much better.

    Thanks for sharing your tunes.

    I do love me some Bing!

    Enjoy your week :)

  3. Nice picks I do like Bing Crosby's voice reminds me of my childhood :-)

    Looks like DogsMom is still listening to them :-)

    Have a seasonaltastic week ;-)

  4. Hey- I appreciate good music!
    and some bad bad music too, as you'll see on my post

  5. Good Ole Charlie Brown and his friends are always a favorite around here. I also enjoyed you Celtic tunes; there's just such beautiful music in that genre. Have a Happy Monday!

  6. There is nothing like Bing's voice to celebrate Christmas with. Loved all of your choices.

  7. Like the fun Christmas stuff! Following you on Twitter. Thanks for sharing!

  8. The music is fantastic darling. Of course I love Snoopy...duh!
    I could listen to Enya over and over.

  9. You can NEVER go wrong with Mr. Christmas aka Bing!

  10. I agree with your wife - Bing is the voice of Christmas along with a few others, but so is Charlie Brown too hehehehe HAPPY HOLIDAYS & thanks for sharing & joining us.

  11. bing and Christmas are the perfect duo great songs thanks for the dance