Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Believe it or not...?

As of 1:30 today, my wonderful Wife and I will have been married for five years.  Yep it has been 5 years and they seemed to have flown by at warp speed.

What is interesting, in some ways the last day and a half, have been so much a repeat of that first year.... with a few changes er exceptions.

In December 2008, my fiance and I had her daughter Natasha visit us for Christmas, Natasha is I believe now 26, so she was 21 at that time.   This was me meeting the family, in a way.

So on December 24th, Natasha, Naila Moon and I went to Midnight Mass.  I got there early, around 11:15 and no-one was there yet, I was talking with Naila and Natasha on their Cell phones and telling them they needed to get there quickly, because people would be arriving.  They arrived about 20 minutes later and there were only a handfull of people at the Basilica.

Mass was started in the dark, with people lighting candles and then the church slowly being lit by the lights of the church itself.

When Mass Ended we went to Toms' Diner and had breakfast.

After which we waited for nearly an hour and a half for a Bus to arrive.  It was bone chilling cold, snow was on the ground and Natasha coined the phrase, "Come on Bus" , because it was so cold and the bus was taking so long to arrive..

We got home around 4:30 in the morning and opened Presents.


My wife and  I went on the same bus together, hardly anyone on the bus besides us.  We arrived at the Basilica at five minutes past Eleven and the Church was near capacity, we had to look for a pew to sit in, my wife was told she needed to remove her hat.

We found a pew and sat.  Soon the pre mass music began, the church was dimly lit, but you could see well.

No candles were handed out.  As the Mass itself began, the lights were brightened several times until the church was fully and brightly illuminated without the aid of any candles.  A tradition had ended.

Much of the language had changed, it was not in full Latin, but it was also much more complex language.  Much more feeling old and very sexist in nature.  Only one reading was done by a woman, and even the Biblical references had been changed, key words were changed, passages seemed hollow because the way words had been replaced that, as far as I had known, had always been there.

When the mass ended we stayed and took pictures and then walked to... Yes you guessed it, Toms' Diner where I had Eggs Benedict and my wife had a French Dip.

We managed to catch a bus immediate, so no "Come on Bus" and the weather was surprisingly warm.

We got home, tired and thought we would go to sleep and open presents later in the day.  After about 40 minutes we both had caught our second wind and opened presents.

The only thing missing, really was Natasha.  You were missed, too bad you could not have been here, just so we could have you said.  "Come on Bus" for old times sake.

I will be doing a page of some photos here and a Facebook album of all the photos my wife and I took.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, and Happy Celebrations to everyone else.

May 2014 be a fantastic year for us all.

Oh and yes it will be Five years that Naila Moon and I have been married.  Where did the time go.

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