Wednesday, December 11, 2013

SKYFALL, one of the BEST JAMES BOND films in a very long time

I just watched SKYFALL, on Netflix.  For those not familiar with this film, it is the most recent James Bond films to have been released.

After the Quantum of Solace, I walked away from the Bond films, because Quantum... was such a dark film overall and in some ways it left a very bad taste in my mouth.

I actually avoided seeing Skyfall in the theater because I did not want to be disappointed again.

I can say, that Skyfall was not disappointing, if anything it reminded me why I liked Bond so very much.  The plot was intense and  dialogue had some great one liners, and weather it was intentional or not, Daniel Craig, the current Bond, actually came across reminding me very much of Sean Connery in the way he spoke and even some of his body language.

The movie is longer than most Bond films, nearly five hours long, but it is well paced and has several surprises through out.  There are some nice red herrings that misdirect the viewer about who the insider may be at the beginning of the film.  One surprise the heroine whom Bond meets at the beginning of the film is not rescued and there is no sex scene hinted at, in the end of the film.

There are some nice twists, which I will not reveal, I will say be prepared for some powerful moments involving Dame Judy Dench, M.

I gave this move 5 Stars and I stick with that,  If you have not seen this Bond film it is well worth it.  Look for it on Netflix.

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