Friday, December 20, 2013

Five Days to Christmas

It is hard to believe that this year has almost gone, and it is harder to believe for the first time in five years, that my wife and I will not be traveling or visiting our extended families.

Before I was married in 2008, I had not seen my brother and sister in law since I had moved to the Condo I had moved into in 2003, okay I had seen them... but it was visits to check in.  

In all honesty, I had not spent any real time with my brother since we had been together for Christmas in 1984.  After  that it was hit and miss and catch as catch can.

Then in 2008, I met and married my wonderful wife, who opened my heart in so many ways it would take a year to detail that completely.

One thing she did do, was bring back the specialness of Christmas and of how Christmas is about being with ones' family.

We spent the holidays with her family in Missouri from 2009 to 2011.  Those were amazing experiences.

Last year we spent Christmas with her mom in Sedona Arizona and that too was amazing.


Because I was around people who love each other deeply and who have made me part of their collective.  It had been so long since I had felt that way that it was amazing.

Unfortunately this year it will be just us and our cat.  It will not be the same and it is hard to be disconnected especially when we have two grand children, one of whom I have not met as yet.

Yet the magic of Christmas is still here.  The two of us have each other and our fur baby.  

I hope that no matter where you are, that you have a magical Christmas or holiday celebration.

Here are some pictures.

1975 Kauai Hawaii David Espinda the  fourth, My Aunt Karen, David Espinda the Third

Me, My mother Evelyn My Aunt Karen and David Espinda the fourth, Kauai, Hawaii Christmas 1975

Bella, Mary My Wife Me Josh and Natasha, Christmas 2010 Festus Missouri
My wife Bella and Josh Christmas 2011 Festus Missouri 
Mary, Josh and mom in Law Ree, Rose Marie Hudson Christmas, Festus Missouri 2010
Marcus Hudson and Ree Hudson, Christmas 2011 Festus Missouri
Jason and Della Hudson Sedona Arizon Christmas 2012


  1. I love you more than words can express. I do feel funky about not having family under foot but being without you would make it awful.
    Our 5th Anniversary will be quiet this year for sure.
    I love you my darling and it was wonderful to see this post this morning.

  2. Well, I thought it was kinda cool too. I love looking at old family quality time photos. Thanks for sharing. Your sentiments is very heart warming.