Friday, July 25, 2014

#100happydays A Memorial Record Album to a Beloved President

The other day, Tuesday July 22nd I was at my favorite thrift store here in Aurora, Colorado and I discovered perhaps the most unique record I have found so far.

This is not a popular music album, it has no music at all.  As a matter of fact it is 100% dialogue.

What is this unique record album, that in six days sold 4 million copies?

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, A Memorial Album.  That's right a record produced with-in 24 hours of President Kennedy's death.

A radio station in New York WMCA.  The album is narrated by Ed Brown, who expertly sets up excerpts and in a few occasions complete speeches given by President Kennedy.

The speeches resonate clearly and with the depth and passion that Kennedy had in life, it is as if the President were sitting in the room with you.  There is no distortion, no hisses or pops or crackles.  If you did not know this was produced in 1963, you would feel it was a digitally remastered recording.

The record was cut together on the day of the assassination, November 22nd 1963 using Kennedy's speeches from his inauguration, to his speech on civil rights.

What is amazing is that a large portion of the proceeds from this album went to the Joseph P Kennedy Foundation for research into Mental Retardation.

The cost of the album was .99 cents and the one I purchased was marked Special .19 cents.

For me this is one of the most significant albums I own, and listening to it reminds me how much a different world it is today, considering that when this album was made, African Americans could not go to the same movie theaters as Whites, could not go to the same restaurants or stay in the same hotels.  

If you can find this album it is a time capsul and well worth adding to your collection.

What other amazing things will I discover at Safari thrift?  Follow my blog and find out, and let me know what you think.  

Til next time. 

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