Thursday, July 3, 2014

Heaven is Real

My wife and I saw this movie about two weeks ago, and I was amazed by it.

Why was I amazed?

Well I have a very eclectic spiritual path and for me a film has to really be so much more than just a lot of people running around in period costumes saying things with proper intonation and looking as if they are just going through the motions.

For me some very powerful spiritual movies are never meant to be and they surprise people when they see the list.

Now "Heaven is for real" is a movie that is spiritual but it is so much more and it takes you on a journey of discovery.

Todd Burpo, (Greg Kinnear) faces a life changing experience when his son Cotton (Connor Corum) has a near death experience and comes back with information he should not know.  Information such as he had a sister that died before being born, and that Jesus has a multi colored horse.

Todd Burpo struggles to come to terms with the things his son knows, about his own father and how he, Todd, doesn't know how to deal with this.  Worse still how his community of faith are uncertain if he, Todd, is capable of staying as their leader.

This movie is a journey, it has a lot of sharp turns and surprises along the way, and in the end it does lift you up.

No matter your spiritual journey "Heaven is for Real" is must see movie that will have you wondering and believing and talking.  

10 Stars.

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