Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Another spine tingler.... Sort of

I just finished The Flip, Michael Phillip Cashes most recent paranormal thriller.

This book in the first chapter reminds me of two of Michaels' previous books, Stillwell a Haunting in Long Island, and The Hanging Tree.  This comes from the fact that Stillwell... was about a haunted house, and The Hanging Tree was about spirits trapped on a tree for eternity.

However after I got past the first chapter, any similarity to his previous work quickly faded.

This book is definitely a creature of its' own and the characters are flesh and blood, even Tessa and Gregory whom are the resident ghotsts in the story.

The story involves a young couple who flip houses, Julie who does this part time when not working in a bank and her husband Brad who is ex Army and is a natural fixing things because of helping his father with all kinds of repair work when he was a young man.

From the very beginning Brad hates the house and wants to unload it as quickly as he can, while Julie has dreams of turning it into a Bed and Breakfast.

Little do this couple know that there are spirits alive and well in this house and one of them Tessa wants to posses Brad and have her way with him, an ambitious ghost.

But her long time love, Gregory tries to convince Tessa that she needs to stop trying to seduce every mortal male, that he loves her and has for over 100 years.

The story is cut between Julie and Brad and several well draw supporting characters and Tessa and Gregory, part of the story is set in 1862 which is the year that Tessa and Gregory are from.

The plot moves quickly and you will not believe what a quick read the book is, it will have you on the edge of your seat all the way to the end, when it is a bit anti climatic in the conclusion.

Georgia a medium who has her own television show, appears in the last chapter and is redundant  
She doesn't describe the dead, she makes no attempt to communicate with them, she might as well not even be in the scene.  Everything is resolved by Gregory and Tessa.

The fact that the transformation at then end is so rapid, makes me feel that Michael was rushed to end the book and did not allow the story to progress to a more fulfilling conclusion.

Yet overall this is a well crafted book that has some amazing twists and turns and will keep you reading it.

Out of 5 Stars it is a 4 overall.

This overall is another good book by Michael Phillip Cash and I can hardly wait to see what his next book will be,

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