Thursday, October 7, 2010

30 Day Blog, Day 7

5 Things You Can not Live without.

Number 1: My wonderful loving wife, whom without I would be lost.
Number 2  My family, both in Missouri California,, and  Hawaii

Family picnic in Missouri September of this year.

Left to right, My Sister in Law Jennifer, Me, and my brother Geoff.  Photo taken by Naila Moon  April 2009
Picture of my Uncle David Akanna Espinda the 3rd, Aunt Karen and Little David, from 1975 when we went to Hawaii for Christmas.

My scale model collection, which I am slowly rebuilding, just a few photos of the collection.
Old MPC kit of the Junkers, Ju-52 transport.

My model of the Seaview Submarine and flying sub.

My model of the Starship Enterprise.

A diorama I did using ground crew figures and a model of the F4F Wildcat fighter from WW 2

My model of the Spitfire fighter.
The magic of Sunrises

Music, here are a few samples

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