Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 21 Somethng I do differently than other people,

I build models differently.  Or I think I do.

Instead of just painting the parts I need for an assembly, like the flight deck of an aircraft, I will research the aircraft, ship, spacecraft, whatever and first find a unique paint scheme, then I will prepaint the whole model, while all the parts are on the tree.

This is easier and you avoid getting paint on clear parts this way.  I also use acrylic paints, so I have better control and clean up.

Here are some examples of me working a few of my models, and showing the process.

P.S.  One thing I also do, is look for out of the ordinary kits, the above is an example of this, this is a model of the SM-79 bomber, used by Italy in World War 2  The plane is not one of the better known types, like the P-47 or Me-109, and the paint scheme I found at a facebook page that does profiles of WW 2 aircraft and armor, and this paint scheme was shown at the page.

Look for something out of the ordinary, it makes model building, that much more fun.


  1. My grandfather is a miniature collector, and he built a city to put his collection.

  2. Whats the Insignia on the wings? Is that Fascist Italy or what? I am surprised at my ignorance.

  3. Steven,
    You are correct. The markings are Fascit Italy, and this was a plane used in the Solerno campaign in either 1943 44.

  4. @ Amiko, you ought to see this museum in a place called Old Colorado City. The whole place was made to house the hundreds of minatures and buildings this artist did. It is amazing!
    Cool stuff!
    ~Naila Moon