Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 6, Blogger Challenge

Day 6 is A moment you wish you could relive.

For me this is a challenge, There have been moments in my life I would like to relive, but mainly to alter the outcome.  Many of these moments are tied to painful events, the last day my father was alive, and the fact that I did not visit him in the hospital, because I felt he would be coming home soon.  The last day I saw my alive, because I left her at home, and I was filled with anger at her that day. 

You see the pattern here. 

But I have had some wonderful memories too, the problem is that they are so buried because I have lived inside a wall of pain and self destructive emotions for the last several years, that it is hard to rise from the cycle.  However that being said, let's see what I can pull from the vault of my mind.

One moment I would love to relive, is the first time I saw the original STAR WARS, my brother, sister in law and I saw this at the old Cooper theatre, which had a huge screen.  We stood in line.  When  I came out, I was so impressed, I looked up into the heavens expecting to see the Millennium Falcon race over head chased by TIE fighters.

I was so excited and so amazed, I felt I would be the next George Lucas.

Another moment I would like to relive, is the day I married my wife, yes there were a few glitches, but it was a wonderful day, and I am the happiest man since.

Another moment I would love to relive is both my visits to Manitou Springs, Colorado, especially my trip on the Pikes Peak railroad, that was wonderful.

The other moment is our last trip to Missouri, it was wonderful.

So these are the moments I would love to relive, who knows, there may be more.

A video and song that says it all.

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