Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 18 A Time you Felt Passionate and Alive Day 19 A Talent of Mine

Right now, is a time when I feel passionate and alive. For right now, I am living my life fully again.  Since 2008, I have taken risks and moved forward in ways I never considered. 

I fell in love, only for the second time in my life, and I married the woman after knowing her only a few months.  That woman is Naila Moon, of the Gray Wolf.  She has helped me find the passion that I had lost, nearly 8 years before.

I am writing again, rediscovering my model building, and photography, and I am moving forward with taking risks in fining a better job, after keeping my current job for over two years, and we are looking at moving to Missouri in the next year.

I am learning to drive, and get a license and I am not allowing fear to cloud my mind.  I am alive and passionate about life again.

Grand daughter Izabella

I am an Grand Dad too, with a  Grand Daughter, and I am looking forward to spoiling her rotten.

Day 19 A Talent I have

I am talented as both a writer of fiction and poetry, as a photographer and as a scale model builder.

I discovered my ability as  poet only with-in the past 17 years, I had never written poetry until 1993, when I met a young woman, who brougt out the poet in me.  I have written romantic poetry, political poetry, and poetry that is about my life since 1993.

Sunrise In Sherwood

Silence as the cool water goes its’ way,

The first chirps of birds,

the hoof beat of deer at the break of day
The dark night makes a last attempt to remain

But the Orange, gold and yellow of the sun sings a new refrain

In the silence there is a stirring, as little john and Friar Tuck awaken

Yet they move about quietly as if not to disturb she who rests in

Such wonder and beauty.

I stand and watch you from a distance, and yet it is as if I still hold you near.

The sun begins to warm the land and a cold winter mist

Rises from the cool forest, yet it as if m’ lady is being kissed.

For the mist rises from your lips in soft cushions of air

Yet like an unskilled lad all I do is stand and stare.

Finally you rise and I see the gentle love in your eyes.

I wonder if you knew that I stood and watched you

Sleep like a child?

Touched by the air ever mild

But it is just another sunrise here in Sherwood Forest for all to see.

Yet I dream of a day when you Lady Marian and I Robin of Loxleigh

Will be free to love each other openly and honestly.

Poem from the unpublished book Legends written November 15 1993 rewritten September 19.1999.

I have been into photography since I was about eight years old, and have used everything from a 35mm camera to a 110, to my Kodak digital camera.


DS 9

M4 Sherman

SM 79 Bomber

Lunar Landing base

Lunar Lader

Me on my birthday 1973.

My dad

My father opened the door for me, as a scale mode builder.  On weekends, we would go to the local hobby shops, and get the latest MPC kit and build it.  After my dads death in 1974, I began to really expand in the area of my model building and started to do the detail work, of painting the pilots and guns and other parts.  I now take weeks, if not months in building a model, keeping this talent alive, and one I intend on sharing with my grand daughter when she is older.

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  1. That video you posted was amazing. I had never heard it before and such talent!
    The poem you posted here I think I had read before but it is also amazing and speaks volumes about who you were once and the love you had for her. She was one lucky gal as I am now!
    I love you,
    Naila Moon