Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 30 A Motto or Philosophy

I have several, all from movies.  The first is from Galaxy Quest, and is said by Tim Allen. The second is from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.


For me, my philosophy of life has always been symbolized by media references; whether it be Galaxy Quest or Knight Rider, I have allowed others to symbolically speak for me.

Each of these video's do represent an aspect of my full philosophy of life. 

With both Galaxy Quest and Toy Story, it is about endurance, overcoming the odds or limitations, whether they be ones you had put on you by teachers, parents or employers you must always strive to overcome.  "Never give up, never surrender." and the entire Toy story sequence coming from "To infinity, and beyond" are reminders to me, not to ever allow apathy or to push beyond what has been safe for me.

"Out there. that a-way" is another variation of this, except here it is about the endless exploration of life, of seeing what is beyond the next mountain or veil. 

"One man can make a difference",each of us, whether male or female, has a purpose, a reason for being.  Each of us can change the world, if we again trust in ourselves and find the place we are meant to be.

I have said many times before, each of us has the ultimate potential to achieve remarkable things, we just need to find the door way and if one isn't there, create one.  Nothing is impossible, unless we allow it to be.

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