Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 1 of a 31 day challenge My name is Coffee Make that Java

It was a cold day in the 172nd precinct station, and what made it worse they were out of the two most important things a Police station needed... no not bullets and guns.  Coffee and Donuts.  No one had been to the store in two weeks, and everyone was extra grouchy and cold.  The heaters had broken down and now they had to deal with the cold with no coffee and donuts.

Officer Java Monday and his partner Ima Doughnut were working on special duty.  A mysterious series of disappearances had taken place, and they had been assigned to investigate.

He looked at the faces, these were his heroes and now they were here because several of them had vanished, what was worse was that the department believed it to be an inside job, but how could that be?  Here in this room were some of the best investigators in all of television, and he could not believe they could be involved in the disappearances.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs spoke up first.

"Can you explain why we are here, and we haven't had any coffee since we arrived."

"I just need my super big gulp, to function."  Abby commented,

"Have any of you been told of why we are here, unless we are charged or told why we are here, we can leave at any time."   Perry Mason spoke up in his deep powerful voice.

"You know he's right, unless we are charged or told why we have been brought here we can leave any time."  Thomas Magnum chirped in.

Ima Donut spoke up.

Special Agent Gibbs, I apologize about no coffee, we are working on that now.  Abby, we have super big gulps in the break room.  Mr. Mason and Magnum, you are right.  The reason you are here is because in the last two weeks several of your associates have mysteriously vanished.  You are here for two reasons, so we can warn you and also find out if you know anything concerning the missing associates,

There was a long period of silence then Magnum spoke up,

"Who is missing, I have been in Hawaii for the past 20 years, so I haven't had much contact with anyone stateside."

Now it was Monday who spoke, his tone dry and flat.

"To begin with a Mr. S, Holmes formerly of London, who was last reported living in New York City, along with his associate a Dr. Watson, a Harmon Rabb Jr of the J.A.G. corps, a Michael Knight of the Federation of Low and Government and a Steven Mac Garrett and Danno Williams of Five O.  All have vanished in the last five weeks.

Magnum was in shock, he slowly sat down and shook his head in disbelief.

"I can't believe that.  Steve Mac Garrett is the smartest detective, besides myself that I have ever worked with.  He has always been able to outsmart the most cunning opponent."

Now it was Gibbs who spoke up.  "I know Harmon Rabb, he retired from J.A.G. five years ago, became a private investigator and worked a few times helping us at NCIS as an independent agent."

"Wouldn't that be a bit Special Agent Gibbs, considering that you nearly destroyed his career?"

"There was some resentment for a while, but we at NCIS did prove his innocence, and he became a good private agent for us.  Last I heard he had gone to Hawaii to look into some mysterious activity involving FIVE O members, who had come under investigation by Internal Affairs. "

At that moment a black 1982 Trans-Am smashed into the room and stopped near the desk where Java Monday was standing.

A tall thin man wearing black, with a fro got out of the Trans-Am and looked around the room.

"Sorry, someone sent out a distress call for coffee and Kit and I were in the neighborhood, so we thought we would help, out.  Here's six weeks of coffee and enough doughnuts for the week.  You owe  FLAG $1,643 and 98 cents for deliver from California.  Hey, Leroy, good to see you.  Ah this doesn't look like NCIS headquarters though."

"No, it's not Michael, thanks for bringing the coffee.  I'm sure that Officer Monday will be glad to reimburse FLAG."

Now it was Java Monday who spoke up, his tone was tense.

"Don't speak for us, Special Agent Gibbs, we didn't send out a request for coffee.  Mr. Knight, where have you been?  Last we heard you had vanished without a trace?"

"It's elementary Mr. Monday, he was with us."

A tall athletic looking man in a grey tweed suit emerged from the Black Trans-Am.  He looked at the others taking in their reactions.  Holmes already knew what had happened, but was waiting see who would react most strongly to his and Mr. Knights presence.


It was Perry Mason who spoke.

"Yes counselor.  us, or does it surprise you that we are alive?"

The deep gruff voice of Steve Mac Garrett cut through the room like a knife through butter.  It was amazing how many people could fit inside a 1982 Trans-Am,

"Wait a minute, I never said anyone had been murdered, Mr. Mac Garrett.   You had all vanished without any sign, and Mr. Rabb and Mr. Williams are still Missing."

Java Monday stated matter of fact then added quickly.

"And if anyone else climbs out of the Trans-Am I will faint."

No one else emerged and there was silence for several minutes.  Then Special Agent Gibbs walked over to where Perry Mason stood.

"So tell me, counselor why are you outside Colorado, don't you live there currently?"

Mason looked at Gibbs and in a calm tone responded.

"Yes, but I have friends all over the country, aren't outside your jurisdiction too?"

"Abby and I were called to Los Angeles for a joint mission with the local NCIS office."

Before anyone could speak, Michael Knight spoke up.

"Should we let everyone off the hook Steve, er Mr. Mac Garrett?"

Mac Garrett smiled and laughed as he looked at this young man.

"I'm enjoying watching this, but I think you;re right.  Go ahead Mr. Knight."

"This was an exercise that FLAG and Five O came up with to test how agenciences including local law would respond if several key people appeared to disappear, how they would respond and if they would work together.  To make it work, we needed a person who was so above reproach and had always seemed to be on the winning side of the law, that they would not be considered a suspect.  Problem is, that you all turned on Mr. Mason so quickly, it was shocking.  We had to call the experiment off because you were turning on each other.  Not what we hoped to find out."

Special Agent Gibbs shook his head and looked at Steve Mac Garrett,

"I take it, Commander, you had something to do in planning this?  So where is your deputy officer Mr. Williams and Mr. Rabbb then?"

Mac Garrett smiled wryly.  His tone was calm,

"Danno is on vacation in New Jersey, and since Mr. Rabb is a civilian I have no idea where he is currently."

Michael Knight raised his watch and spoke into.

"KITT, information of the current location of former Commander Harmon Rabb Jr."

"Michael, the last location was six weeks ago in Honolulu "

"Five-O was not aware he was in Hawaii, but as I said he is a civilian now."

"Abby, contact our team, tell them to dress for the tropics we may have a case to investigate, also have the director contact our branch in Hawaii, see if they have any word of Harmon Rabb Jr being reported dead or alive in the islands.  Looks like time for experimenting is over and we need to really work together on this.  You will excuse me officer Monday, we have to depart."

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  1. This is excellent writing. Funny too!
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