Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 14 of a 31 Day Challenge Call Me Java A Knight In the Studio

Java Monday was still looking at the damage done by the Trans Am that crashed its' way into the precinct and then left just as fast without any damage to it.  The one good thing that had come from the Trans-Am and Michael Knights; visit was they had coffee and doughnuts now.

"Yes, yes, I understand.  Yes, but why haven't you contacted Five-O?  I see, alright, alright I will try and see this gets' passed on.  Yes, yes thank you."

Ima Doughnut hung up the phone and shook his head then looked at his partner, who was still looking at the hole in the wall.

"Hey, Java, you aren't gonna believe this?"

Java Monday looked at his partner and in his deep monotone spoke.

"What, The Lone Ranger just showed up , or was it Batman?"

"No, but almost as strange.  That was a Lippi Akanna Hatoshi.  He was calling to let us know that he has a lead for us concerning the location of Harmon Rabb Jr."

Java was already slightly in shock, because there was no announcement to the press about Rabb.  He walked over to his partners' desk and sat across from him.

"Alright Ima, tell me."

"Mr. Hatoshi was saying he has a direct message for Rabb, that Rabb left it in his studio on Oahu."

"Wait, that call was from Hawaii?"

"Yea, and before you ask Hatoshi said he hasn't been able to reach Five-O so he took a wild shot and called us.  Said he remembered how we had dealt with the Cereal Killer case a few years back, felt we might somehow be involved."

Java Monday now was rubbing his chin with his left hand, he was looking past his partner into thin air.  He stopped rubbing his chin and snapped his fingers.

"I remember Mr. Hatoshi, he was visiting us at the time, a visiting M.E. from Hawaii.  So what did Lippi have to say?"

"He said that Harmon Rabb Jr. had stopped by his studio and left a message, that for the past few days Hatoshi has been trying to contact Five-O and has not been able to get through.  So, he wants' us to get the word out.  Said he has not touched the note and will be available to which ever law enforcement agency gets to his studio first."

Java Monday picked up a phone on his side of the desk and dialed.  He knew who to contact.

"Yes, Miss Street, I need to speak to Mr. Mason, thank you."

Now Ima Doughnut was really getting confused, he had a feeling this was just going to be one of those days.he had wished he had stayed in bed.  He remained silent and listened as his partner spoke to the legendary Perry Mason.

"Hello, Perry, yea this is Java... yea Java Monday.  Listen do you still have contacts either with NCIS or Five-O?"

"Good, listen let Gibbs know that he needs to contact a Lippi Hatoshi on Oahu.  Yea, he has a lead on the Rabb case.  Trust me, I wish I knew why this is being piggy backed, just the way it came in.  Thanks Perry, owe you a dinner.  Later."

"Ah, Java,  the captain wants to ....

At the same moment Perry Mason was sitting in his office, still perplexed by the call he had just received.

"Della, contact Paul Drake, tell him I have a special request of him.  I need for him to fly out to Hawaii.   I need for him to be my eyes there, this Rabb case just took a new direction and I am not about to trust phones to get this message to Gibbs.."

"Alright Perry, but aren't we going to be way out of league in this?"

"Della, that has never stopped us before."

What Perry Mason had said was true enough, in the years he had been a lawyer he had taken on cases that many lawyers would never have touched.  But as he sat behind his desk, he began to wonder if Della Street might not be right this time.  It was too late to worry the fat was in the fire.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs and his team had arrived in Oahu three hours ago and they quickly found themselves in the local NCIS office.

McGee, see what you can find on the local net here. Ziva check to see if anything has come through since we left D.C.  Tony, just stay out of..Trouble.."

Gibbs began to look around, he was trying to find a desk he could work from and it looked like there was only one vacant, way over in the far left corner near the water cooler.  He began to walk across the room toward the desk as another officer blocked his path.

"Well, well well... Leroy Jethro Gibbs, can't believe you are here?  What happened not enough JAG officers for you to persecute back in D.C.?"

Leroy Jethro Gibbs was taken aback by the verbal assault, he had made enemies in the past, but few of them    
were fellow NCIS agents.  He looked at this man, there was something familiar with the face, but at this moment he couldn't tell for sure what it was.

"You'll excuse me, Special Agent?"

The man did not move, his face was filled with unexplained rage and  furry.  His voice contained anger that had been pent up for nearly seven years and now was spewing forth like lava out of a volcano.

"Roberts, Bud Roberts.  I was one of Captain Rabbs' friends and I do not believe the way you nearly ruined Harms life."

Gibbs had forgotten the supporting players in the Harmon Rabb Jr. case from nearly Nine years ago... he remembered the case in general, but it had been minor in what came to follow.  It was irony that now he would run into another JAG officer from that time, and yet he knew it made sense.  This was how the universe worked, at least for him it was.

"Mister Roberts, that was nine years ago, and if you recall I did find evidence that got Rabb off the hook for the death of Lt. Singer.  So you work for NCIS now?"

Bud Roberts was still red faced.

"I am a consiultant for NCIS.  I am trying to help them find my friend."

Gibbs smiled.

"So are we.  So tell me Mr. Roberts, when was the last time you had heard from Mr. Rabb?:"

Suddenly Bud Roberts felt the wind go out of his sails, he began to stumble back, Gibbs quickly moved grabbing the closest chair he could find and put it behind Budd Roberts before he colapsed.

"Yes, whom were you thinking I was here about?"

"I ... I  wasn't sure.  Perhaps General MacKenzie?"

Now it was Gibbs turn to be surprised.

"Explain Mister Roberts?":

"About a week ago, General MacKenzie vanished, she was assisting with a JAG man investigation in Israel, JAG got a call telling us, she had gone missing.  I was contacted by the NCIS office here in Oahu because I was one of the people who knew the General.  Then about four days ago Harm, showed up and asked if I had heard from Mac, the General.  Now you are here."

"Mc Gee, I want everything on the disappearance of General Sarah MacKenzie, how long ago, and any details.  Ziva, see if Rabbs, disappearance could be tied to General MacKenzie's.  DiNozzo, find out what JAG man investigation General MacKenzie was involved with.  Now People!"

Budd Roberts rose to his feet and extended his left hand to shake Gibbs hand.

Gibbs smiled and shook Roberts hand, then began to walk toward the vacant desk.

"Special Agent Gibbs, sir.  Thank you.  I am so sorry for how I reacted, I... I know that Harm and General MacKenzie will be in good hands."

Bud began to walk toward the exit, as Gibbs voice cut through the air.

"Mister Roberts, where do you think you are going?"


"I need your assistance on this case, talk with agent Mc Gee, give him as much background as you can."

"Yes sir."

As Bud Roberts crossed the room, Gibbs made his way toward the desk, then stopped.

"Is there any Coffee in this place?"

"Sure Bro, right over here."

A tall athletic Polynesian nodded toward the coffee maker.

"You must be Special Agent Gibbs, from D.C.  I am Special Agent Hookano, this is my office Bro, but will be glad for any help you can provide.  Come we can have some Coffee and exchange some ....

Steve McGarrett was in his office now, he was tired from the flight and had a headache on the limited information he had, and the fact that he was still trying to deal with the fact that Danno could have betrayed an agent on assignment.

"Chin, I need to know everything on Harmon Rabb Jr.  Who he knew here in the islands, try and find out why he was here?"

"Duke,I need to speak with you privately.  Che, get me the Governor,  Alright gentlemen, let's get moving!"