Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 11 of a 31 Day Challenge Miracle on 34th Street, why it has such a following

Last  night for the first time in my 52 years I watched "MIRACLE ON 34th STREET".

I kid you not, I had never seen this movie before, or if I had it made no impact on me, until last night.  Part of the reason I have avoided this movie, is it was about Santa Claus, and  for me Santa is not the true spirit of Christmas, or I should say his modern representation is not.

He has been used by parents to black mail their children to behave well, or they won't find a gift under the tree for them at Christmas time.

For me Christmas has nothing to do with presents, it has to do with the birth of Jesus into the world, whether you accept him as the savior of the world or not, for me that has always been the reason for the season and for many years I just gave up on Christmas because of this.

But four years ago when I got married I opened myself to the whole Christmas movie concept and to Christmas from a new perspective.

So last night I watched "Miracle on 34th Street" and found myself enjoying the movie tremendously.  Because as much as Santa has become a symbol for capitalism at Christmas time, this movie was about so much more and on so many levels.

For here was Santa being challenged if he were the real Santa, or a man who should be locked away in jail, because he is a threat to society.

The core of the movie is what do we believe, and can we believe in something more than what we can prove?

This applies to so many things.

What was sad though, is that everyone at one time did believe in Santa,  whether we were a little kid or adult we believed.

Now today, so many people don't.  We don't believe in things beyond what can be proven, and we have lost something in that process.  We need that magic of believing in things beyond what can be proven by science.  Because when you believe in Santa, you believe that anything is possible and that miracles can take place right before your eyes.


  1. I like your post. My wife just watches it for the first time this year also. I really enjoy this movie, and I like the classic much better than remake a few years back.

    Glad you enjoyed the movie.

  2. Glad I got to watch it with you and now see your take on the classic movie.