Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 7 of a 31 Day Challenge. A DAY OF INFAMY

Let me begin by saying I am 52 years old, I have never served in the armed forces of the United States due to medical issues.  However I a patriot and I am a person who remembers our veterans and not just one day a year.

Every year since I began blogging, and even before I would remember significant dates of history, mainly from World War Two.  Pearl Harbour, Midway, Coral Sea and Guadalcanal as examples.

I have read numerous books on World War Two from the collective view "Battle of the Bulge, We Slept at Dawn.  To individual books that looked at people caught up in the event.   Bloody Skies, a book about a B-17 crew that fought and died over Italy, and P.T.-109 About a young Navy Lieutenant who would help his crew survive after his P.T. Boat was rammed by a Japanese Destroyer.

So with all this being said, this is dedicated to the men and women who died died at Pearl Harbor Hawaii 71 years ago, may their courage and heroism never be forgotten.

Here are some static pictures followed by a video I made a few years back that shows the state of peace that erupted into war, on a Sunday morning.

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