Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 5 A 31 Day Challenge On Government Clinics

Sometimes you have to wonder about how things are done, is there a better way of doing things, and if so why isn't it done that way?

What brings this to mind?  

Well my wife and I are both signed up through a local government heal clinic system in Colorado.  The system provides you the opportunity to go in, have examinations receive prescriptions and receive other medial services at a reasonable rate.

That is the good part, but because this is a government clinic you have to hope and pray for an opening to do follow ups, or even get your prescriptions set up.

What's worse, if you are five to ten minutes late, you lose your appointment then have to either wait for a cancellation of  someone elses appointment, set up a future date and I do mean future as in possibly two to four weeks later or as a last measure you can try and get an appointment at the urgent care clinic the next day.

The medical coverage is good, but the fact that you are at the beck and call of the clinic is wrong.

Doctors have signed an oath to put the need of the patient before all else, and yet with this procedure that is no longer what happens.

However for many people, like my wife and I we have no alternative choice because without insurance there is no alternate to clinics and the services they provide.

Medicine needs to come back to being about serving the patient, about being there when the patient needs service and to be fairly priced so that no one is turned away.

Yet as long as Medicine is seen as a for profit business run by the insurance industry, nothing will change or improve and hundreds if not thousands of people will have to rely on such clinics as my wife and I do, and deal with questionable practices that impact the good of the patient.

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  1. Access to healthcare should be a right not a privilege. I shouldn't have to worry about co-pays, money, if my illness is going to break my back financially, or anything like that. I think its a sad state of affairs that the people of America permit this outrage to continue. Yet they do. They fear "socialized" medicine as they would fear plagues. Literally thousands die each year due to the lack of access to health care. I am so glad you guys are able to be taken care of. God Bless.