Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 10 of a 31 Day Challenge Mondays' Music Moves Me

Well it's Monday, and it's December so that means it is time for Monday's Music Moves me with Christmas music once again.

Last time out I posted some music from the STAR WARS Christmas special, and although there is music out there from this, I think I will wait til closer to the season to post additional clips, we will have to R2 D2 and see what develops.

So up first this time is another memory from my childhood.  Long before the terrible Chipmunk movies of the past few years, there was a one time Christmas special, titled Alvin and Chipmunks' Christmas Special.  I had the album from this and played it into the point it could not be played anymore, and that was a few years ago.  So without delay, here is Alvin and the Chipmunks with the Christmas song.

This is a song I never heard before, it is sung by the very popular group Celtic Woman, and it brings a different feel and bend to the Christmas season.  Celtic Woman and Celtic Pipes.
Not a conventional Christmas song, this is from the Doctor Who Christmas Special  "A Christmas Carol"  The song is less Christmas more Who, but it is such a beautiful song and so haunting I have to include it.  So for your purists, sorry, for those Whovians, and you know WHO you are enjoy.
Silence is all you know by Katherine Jenkins.

My wife and I are both huge Doctor Who fans, and each year we watch the Christmas Special, when we saw this adaptation of A Christmas Carol we both were teary eyed at the end.  Sometimes Doctor Who can convey a message about Christmas as well as the Church or Charlie Brown.

And now for something completely different.  I have heard Silent Night since I was a child, always in English, it is one of my favorite songs of the season.  This is the first time I have ever heard it sung in Welsh.  Enya with a special version of SILENT NIGHT, sung in her native Welsh.  Very beautiful and deeply touching.
What better way to end this than by a very unique version of the 12 days of Christmas.  This comes from the 50th state and has a very different take on the 12 days.  You may need to look up a few of the words, because they are Hawaiian.  But this is a fun way to end this chapter of Mondays' Music Moves Me.  The 12 Days of Christmas Hawaiian Style
So if you are Vegan ignore the 5th day of Christmas.

Til next time,

Okay one last piece Let's all dance with Frosty the Snowman


  1. Loved Enya's version of Silent Night. So peaceful and beautiful.

    Just came over from Dolly's, happy 4Ms!

  2. The message of Christmas is differently felt through song makes no difference where that song is playing - TV, street corner, church cathedrals, or in your living room. As the good books says, (I'm paraphrasing) where ever two or more come together in my name, so shall I be. This is why the sentiments are strongly felt no matter what environment you are in. Great, great song picks for 4M, my friend!

  3. What a lovely collection thanks for sharing, Christmas is fast approaching :-)

  4. Well there ya go! HAPPY HOLIDAYS & great selections to put out the holiday cheer! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Loving your choices! The Silent song was beautiful and Silent Night oh and the Celtic Woman,just great picks today!!

  6. This is a great collection of songs for today! Thanks so much for sharing them. Have a wonderful week,

  7. Ooh Celtic..ooh Enya! Ooh..then I realize I had so many faves here :)

    Love them!

    Have a fun day!