Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 8 of a 31 Day Challenge. My name is Java, the hunt for Harmon Rabb Jr.

Michael Knight was bothered by something, he kept tapping his fingers on the steering wheel, then he spoke up.

"KITT, where did you find the information on Harmon Rabb Jr?"

"I pulled it from the internet, I did a normal data search and...  Michael, do you think that the information could have been fabricated?"

Michael made a quick turn, burning rubber as he did.

"I do KITT.  Think about it, no one else in that room had any leads at all, somehow we manage to find information showing that Rabb, is in Hawaii.  NCIS had no idea where he was, and they and Five-O have the most sophisticated data bases and tracking systems of any origanization and they had no idea where he is.  We just manage to find he is supposed to be in Hawaii?  KITT, put me through to Devon."

"Devons' calling now Michael."

"Put him through pal."

Devon Miles image appeared on the monitor in KITT, alongside of Devon was Bonnie.

"Devon, I need to have a complete background check on Harmon Rabb Jr...."

"Strange you should bring him up.  The Secretary of the Navy just contacted us.  He is asking, actually insisting would be more precise a term, that we investigate the disappearance of Harmon Rabb Jr."

Michael whistled, he smirked just slightly as Devon had spoke.  

"Has the secretary of the Navy given us any background at all concerning Mr. Rabbs disappearance."

Devons' tone was the deep British accent, that usually indicated that they were going into a situation without being given all the details needed.

"At this time no, this is all....

While on the Delux 747 flying to Hawaii, Steve Mac Garrett was getting the same briefing from Jonathon Kay.

"... I can tell you Steve.  The Sec Nav is wanting this resolved as quickly as possible.  Rabb is a powder keg and we need to know if he left of his own free accord, was kidnapped or has turned against his country."

"You will excuse me Johnathan, but if memory serves Mr. Rabb, when he had been with the Navy, was with J.A.G. corps, he was a lawyer, I hardly think anything he knew would be valuable to any foreign power, unless they want to have a good lawyer.  Unless there is something else I do not know about Mr. Rabb?"

There was a long pause as Jonathon Kaye looked at his friend of nearly 30 years.

"I am sorry Steve, I am not able to go into details on this.  You and your team are to handle this.  That is anyone on your team except Mr. Williams."

Steve Mac Garrett was now getting hot under the collar, he had dealt with situations where he had only bits of information before, and had done well solving the case.  But he had never been told to pull any of his people, not in a long time.

"You will excuse me Johnathon, but you had better have a damn good reason for me not having my number one assistant on this case.  Now you need to tell me more... Now!"

Jonahton Kaye knew his friend was not going to like what he had to say.

"Steve, this is on a need to know basis, and the sec Nav feels....

Leroy Jethro Gibbs was receiving his briefing at the same time from the last person he expected Tobias Fornell of the FBI.

"... I have been authorized to tell you at this point."

"Okay, Tobias, you have given me the official word from the FBI, now how about explaining how come you are here before I have even had the official word from my own director in this case?"

"Listen, I would love to tell you why I am here, but it is the usual, need to know and the brass feel you now know exactly what you need to.  You are to find Rabb and get him back before there is an international incident."

Gibbs stopped, he took a hard look at his friend of nearly twelve years.  This was one of those times he wish he didn't know his friends tells so well.

"Personally Tobias, I am tired of the games, I am going to my office, if you choose to continue this there?"

There was a long pause then Tobias exhaled.  He too knew this would be the method to share what could not officially be shared.

"Really Leroy, I am not sure I have the time for this, however if you have any of that rot gut there I may be able to join you for a few seconds."

The two men stopped outside the elevator and waited for the doors to open.

"That rot gut, as you put it is in my other office in the basement.  But I will definitely give you a rain check on it, after this meeting."

The doors opened and as Leroy and Tobias were about to enter Director Vance emerged.

"Going somewhere gentlemen?"

There was silence.

"Let me save you the dance.  Rabb is considered a high risk, he has been working covert operations the last few years, and it looks like someone may have betrayed him.  He is at high risk, and is to be found before our enemies can do harm or capture and interrogate him.  I believe that was what you were about to inform Special Agent Gibbs, am I correct Mr. Fernell?"

"You know, if I had known you were going to tell Gibbs everything, I could have stayed in the office today.  See you later Leroy, you still owe me that rot gut."

Leroy watches as his friend walks to the elevator and gets in.  After the doors have closed he turns and looks at his director.

"All right, why?  Leon, you don't normally volunteer information, especially when Sec Nav is squeezing you like an an orange in a vice grip."

"I know the back history between you and Mr. Rabb, I know that in his eyes, there is still some bad blood there even after all these years.  After all you nearly hung him out to dry for the murder of a fellow JAG officer.  I also know you will be pig headed and push to find out what is really happening, and in this case we don't have the luxarry of time to waste on that.  Rabb needs to be found as quickly as possible, we are teaming up with FLAG, and Five-O on this one.  This is a team effort."

"Fine, so how long ago did Rabbs identity....

As the 747 turned and began to approach Oahu the tension was still intense between Steve McGarrett and State Department representative Jonathon Kaye.

"Alright Steve, your agent Mr. Williams was the last person to speak with Rabb.  Within two hours Rabb was on the run, his identity had been blown and all that anyone knows is that Daniel Williams was the last person to speak to Harmon Rabb Jr. before this.  Williams is persona non gratis, he is off limits to anyone in Five-O until we know what happened."

"Jonathon, wouldn't it be more logical for someone from Five-O to interact with Danno, he may open up and provide us with some information as to what happened, if he doesn't think he is a suspect."

McGarrett paused before completing his thought, in all the years he knew Danno, he never would have thought this way, and yet now... now for the first time he had doubts about his friend. 

"If he thinks he is a suspect he could react and go hiding, you know that as well as I.  So how about some truth now?"

"Steve, you're asking me to put my neck way out on the chopping block on this, I have already given you more information than what I was authorized to do...  All right Steve, but one of my men will be assigned as well, you will report directly to him.  No argument or this ends  with you not having access to Williams until the FBI deals with him."

"Alright Jonathon."

There was silence as the Jet began final approach to Honolulu International Airport.  A silence alien to the two men in the first class lounge.

Perry Mason drove up to the building that housed the Paul Drake Detective Agency, as he entered the building he realized the whole building was the Paul Drake Detective agency, his old friend had done very well for himself.

He got off the elevator on the penthouse level and walked to the reception area, a huge room that had offices looking out on the Los Angeles skyline.  A young woman, who reminded Perry of his own receptionist sat at the reception desk.

"May I help you sir?"

"It's alright Donna, I know Mr. Mason.  Hi Perry, long time, so what do I owe this visit."

Perry looked at his old friend, it had been five, or was it six years since he had last seen Paul; of course part of that had to do with the fact that he had moved to Colorado.  It had been hard to leave everyone and everything he knew, but it had worked out.  Now he was a judge in the small mountain Community of Manitou Springs and he was actually dealing with the young hot shots, who reminded him of himself a few years back.

"Can we talk privately, I need to speak to you on the record."

Paul Drake shook his head, his voice was a bit gruff.

"After six years and the first time we meet it is business as usual, alright Perry, I'll listen."

The two men walked down a corridor and entered a large office, there was a large leather chair behind the Oak desk and a private bar on the left hand side of the room, next to a collection of books at photos.  The first photo that Perry saw was an old photo of the five of them, Himself, Paul, Della Street, Hamilton Burger, the opposing council who Perry had locked horns with more times than he cared to remember and Lieutenant Tragg.  The photo had to be nearly thirty years old, since Tragg had died in the early 1970s' and Hamilton had retired shortly there after.

"You know Perry, I really haven't time for a small time case..."

"Paul, I apologize."

Paul Drake blinked and sat down behind the desk.  In all the years he had known Perry, he could think of maybe three or four times his fried had ever apologized.

"Apology accepted.  Sorry for blowing up at you Perry, but it just seems that all we ever do is see each other when we need help, I would like to see you, on occasion just to have dinner or get caught up,"

"Likewise Paul, and I promise that I will make that happen.  But you're right, unfortunately I do need your help again."

"Can't imagine it would be anything local, I mean last I heard you were a judge, where is it Colorado Springs?"

Perry smiled and sat down in one of the plush leather seats across from his friend.

"Manitou, about forty-five minutes from Colorado Springs.  Nice to know you still have an interest in what I am doing."

"Yea, well when the famous Perry Mason ends up as a judge in Colorado, it kind of makes the news here.  Hell if you ran for President it would make news here.  So, what's up?  Why are you back in L.A.?"

Perry folded his hands together in his lap, quietly he spoke.

"Have you hear of the Harmon Rabb Jr. Case?"

"Who hasn't.  Former J.A.G. officer go missing, and no one is sure why or where he is.  I mean the Navy has tried to keep a lid on this, but they haven't done so well.  Don't tell me?  You are representing Rabb?"

Perry smiled then his face became blank, as if he was concealing his winning hand in a poker game.

"No, nothing that simple.  I wish I were representing him.  Actually, I am in the middle of a massive investigation as to what happened to Rabb.  I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and now the Navy has given me a choice.  To remain un-involved, or to assist in the investigation.  They know how well I am connected."

"Perry, doesn't it strike you just a bit strange that they would bring you in on this?  They have one of the best intelligence branches of the armed forces.  Something is up here and now I think I am involved in this too,"

"My problem is Paul, that this feels bigger than a mere man going missing, especially since Rabb has been a civilian for the past several years."

"Not exactly Perry, I had been contacted on this too.  Apparently Rabb, is working for the agency as a contract employee.  If he has vanished the only thing that would make sense is his cover was blown.  Now you tell me Perry, why would a former Lawyer, now judge and a Private Eye be called into this kind of investigation.  It doesn't make sense.  Something is wrong here and I would love to know what is really going on."

"Paul, I have a feeling we will be finding out very soon."

At that moment two men in Naval uniforms entered the office.

"Gentlemen, if you will come with us."

"As I said, I thought we would be finding out soon."

At the same time, that Perry Mason and Paul Drake were being escorted from Mr. Drakes office complex,  Michael Knight was driving KITT off the ramp of the special long range jet used by FLAG to transport KITT on those occasional out of country assignments.  

As he drove to away from the jet he was still talking with Devon Miles on the link.

"Remember Michael, we are being brought into rather unusual circumstances, we have never been directly under the control of another government agency, and we have never been investigating a military case.  There are things about this that disturb me."

Michael drove onto Nimitz Highway and began to try and find his way.

"Glad to hear you say that Devon.  This seems so out of place.  I will be in touch as soon as I have met up with Mr. McGarrett.  KITT, try and plot the quickest route to FIVE-O headquarters from here."

"I'll do me best Michael, but don't expect me to pronounce these street names, they are to say the least next to impossible to figure out."

Michael smiled as he relaxed and began to allow KITT to take over the driving.

"Yea, the Hawaiian language is to say the least...  unique.
KITT, while you are checking on the fastest route, try and find out why the Secretary of the Navy got in touch with FLAG.  Our involvement in this, still bothers me."

"Very well Michael."

  As Michael turned onto Kinau Street a tall blond haired man whose hair was in an afro ran past KITT, he was dressed in a gray flannel suit and he glanced as he ran past KITT.

"KITT, run a facial recognition program, I swear I have seen that man someplace before."

"Checking.  Michael, that was Daniel Williams of Five-O, you very well may know him, he was at a convention of law enforcement officers the year that Michael Long became Michael Knight."

"I thought I remembered him.  KITT, let's see if we can offer Mr. Williams a lift, this may be a quicker way to get to Five-O than trying to follow these street references."

"Sorry Michael, he has vanished, perhaps it will not matter, we are almost at Five-O now."

Michael Knight exhaled and relaxed as KITT approached the building containing Five-O.

"Well soon enough we should know more as to why we are here.  Or so I hope."


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