Sunday, January 1, 2012

An Epiphany...

Last night, Thursday, December 29th, I was watching "Burn Notice" A very well done spy drama on USA network.  Suddenly my mother in law enters the living room and she is confused at what time it is, and is also talking about several dream she had.

We begin to discuss how she felt a spiritual urgency come over her after awakening, for my mother in law this has significance, because she is very highly attuned to changes spiritually and in the energy around her.

She had gone to bed with Sandalwood incense burning and listening to one of three new Cd's she had purchased that same day.

Now prior to my mother in law awakening, I had been in my man cave talking with a friend in Colorado, he is a mystic who has come across a new technique to help cleanse ones' energy and to move forward.  We had done an experiment where I had basically filled myself with energy and expanded it through the house we live in, then through the state I currently live in,

When my mother in law awoke, she was aware of the energy.  I had her do the same experiment, and she too was able to see herself expanding the energy through out the state we live in.

We discussed how there are no coincidences in spirituality, and when something like this happens there is a reason.  

We continued to talk of how the veils that have suffocated many spirituality and in trusting their own abilities are being torn down, as Christ torn down the temple in his day.

Then we listened to the second CD that she had bought and the first song again fit into the pattern of what was happening around us.

I am an eclectic person, I travel many paths when it comes down to spirituality, yet last night was one for the record books.  I called back my friend in Colorado in the midst of this, and told him to focus more on what he had started, then I allowed him to talk with my mother in law, my friend is a person who has practiced Buddhism for the better part of his life, my mother in law, is a Roman Catholic Woman Priest, and I am as I said an eclectic who travels many paths at one time.

What happened was an Epiphany last night, and honestly I feel it was a beginning of a much larger transformation that will only expand once the new year has arrived.


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