Monday, January 2, 2012

Spotlight Dancers

What a surprise, I still can't believe it...  I thank Xmas Dolly for selecting me for the Spotlight Dancer Award.    I hope everyone enjoys my duets.

Talk about powerful duet.


  1. This ROCKS! I didn't know these two played together. What a great find you have here! I love Eric Clapton.

    Congrats on being this week's spotlight dancer over at MMMM! :-)

  2. Nice choices! Happy Monday.

  3. Congrats on the Spotlight Dance! Eric Clapton and Phil Collins, now you can't go wrong with those two!!
    Have a Happy New Year!!

  4. Congratulations on being spotlighted!

    These are very good duets. I haven't heard in a little while!

    Thanks for hanging with us.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Gee, should I congrat you on the Spotlight Dance with your wife? When she told me you two were a couple I cracked up. This is a first and what a way to start the New Year! So CONGRATS to the both of you how's that. Love your choices. Eric Clapton is just too good with anybody & another legend is even better - great choices Dude!

  6. Wow, never knew they played together. Great picks hon! Rock on!
    ~Naila Moon

  7. thanks, I get to hear EC and PC. Those duets are classics. Happy New Year!

  8. Fabulous rockin' songs!!
    I love both of these. What a great way to wake up or end a day. Phil Collins and Eric Clapton are awesome musicians, thanks for sharing this wonderful songs with everyone.
    Congrats on you and your wife on your spotlight dance, take it as a little late dance for your anniversary.
    Happy new year to you both!
    Looking forward to all your songs for this year!

  9. I'm finally getting a chance to get caught up! :) LOVE your song choices! Congrats on your Spotlight Dance - thanks so much for playing along with us! :)

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