Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Black and White... Downtown PoDunk... You know you live in a small town when...

About two months ago, I walked in the downtown region where I live currently.  This is Main Street and it is very short.  It has one barber shop, three hair salons a couple of restaurants and close to four thrift shops.  Now there is a larger area beyond this, yet this is the main drag for the main downtown region.  You know you live in a small town, when this is your entire main street.

On the road to, Barnhart, St' Louis, Arnold.  The state is connected by basically interstates, highways and roads.

One of the many one story houses people live in.  Many houses have a basement, not many have a second floor, unless you are close to Saint Louis or a major city.

Saw this and had to take the picture.  In all my life living in a major city (Denver), before coming to Podunk, I had never seen a sign like this.

Comtrea a local agency to help people who suffer from addiction and have a criminal past, that are trying to turn their lives around.  This is on the left hand side of the street and a few buildings down from the flower shop.
  The beginning of Downtown on the  Right hand side of Main Street.  This looks like it used to be an old Hotel, long since shut down.

Welcome to downtown, this is the first shop you come to, it is the local flower shop, and this place is busy especially on Valentines day and Mothers' Day.

The Kritter's Den unfortunately is out of business.  This was on the right hand side of the street and was close to the local Good Will store.  It is abandoned, but still has a great sign, maybe someone will reopen it as a pet shop or animal hospital?

Podunk is part of a twin city.  The second part is known as Crystal City, you can not miss when you leave Podunk and enter Chrystal City, the signs are right there before you.  The local Walmart is so large, that you can walk from Podunk into Chrystal City or vice-verse , just by where you start in the store or end in it.

One block over from Main Street is First Street, and on First Street is the main Catholic Church, Sacred Heart, between the Church, its' school and shelter there is nothing else for an entire two blocks.
I have seen shoe stores before, but none that advertise Cowboy Boots like this store does on Main Street.

Someone leaving Chrystal City and coming into Podunk.

One of the local businesses with Christmas decorations outside, the snowflakes went away on January first.

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  1. My dear,
    I need to give you a couple of clarifications about our fair town.

    2nd photo-not a house but an extension like a garage. I have always wanted to buy that little place for an office.

    Comtrea-was originally (and still is) for mental health and family relations. They extended their service to include addictions.

    Flower shop-all the buildings on main street have apartments above them. The apartment above the flower shop housed the family that used to own the shop. I went to school with their son.

    Church photo-that photo is actually of the Baptist church on the corner. Sacred Heart is just up from there.

    I loved seeing your perspectives. Great stuff and love the black and white!

    ~Naila Moon