Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pushing the limit

Since the middle of 2010, both I and my wife have not been able to work out, this due to our membership being too expensive and not having the funds we needed.

So because of this we both gained back all the weight we had lost.  Me I had got down to185 and was losing, my goal was 135.  I am over 200lbs again, clothing that fit now I struggle to wear and currently being unemployed, I have no funds to really go to a gym or get new clothing.

So, two nights ago, my wife, my son in law, and I began to walk around the local high school football field and running track.

My first night I managed a mile and a half and was worn out, so much so, that I went to sleep half an hour after getting home and forgot to make a phone call to a friend.

Last night, January 6th, I  doubled what I did the first night, I managed to walk three miles.  For me, this is a major accomplishment.  I know that walking is just the first step, and that I need to get some weight training and lower body exercises in as well, but this is the beginning.

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  1. We will get this accomplished, I know we will.
    I love you.
    ~Naila Moon