Friday, January 20, 2012

The Impact we make

Many of go through life unaware of the impact we make upon others.  We get caught up in our own struggles, sometimes we just don't realize the way we touch others lives and perhaps end up shaping them.

This has come to light because of a book I am currently reading. the  book is by William Shatner, and is part of the STAR TREK Academy series, "Collision Course".  I have not finished the book yet, so you will have to wait for the review.

However the book made me think about my life, about how I have made an impact with people. some who I have known in the real world, and some whom I only know on-line through pages like this or Facebook or even Multiply.

How when we take five seconds to just talk with someone, who may not have expected that short chat, how that chat may change that persons' whole day.

Even more so, sometimes how we act, by believing in someone, especially if that person has been struggling in some regard, how our action of just being there can make a difference.

I know this is something we get reminded of at Christmas every year with films like "It's a Wonderful Life."  or "Patch Adams"  But in our daily lives, we forget how much we impact those around us.

We need to always be aware of the value we have to others, the small ways that we may change a persons' day... because no matter how bad it may seem to us, we have value and we impact the world without being aware of it.

Maybe we can't see it, or choose not to, because of the way we have been treated or the way we have lived.  Yet we do matter and do make a difference.  Something to remember no matter how bad the day may seem, we make a mark, we may be the one person who makes someone smile or see that they have value.

Patch Adams Poster


  1. I came to realize this about 6 years ago. I had been a police dispatcher and trained new employees. I was also responsible for tracking their progress and making a determination if they progress or were terminated. It was not a task I took lightly, but one I was very aware could result in endangering many lives if not done right. I had to recommend termination for a young lady. About 2 years later, my boss hands me a letter that was sent to our chief from this young lady. She stated if it wasn't for me treating her with the dignity, respect and fairness, she would have never had the strenth to go back to school, get a divorce and start a new job. I sat and cried, I never knew I had a positive affect on her!

    1. It is amazing, the impact we do have. In so many ways you are fortunate in that you have an example of the impact you have and still make. Many of us are totally unaware and we struggle to find meaning. All I know is that right now the universe is making it clear that we do have impact on each others lives.

      Hope you have a fantastic weekend, and that you continue to be a person who lives with humanity as your teacher to help others.

    2. It is one of those things that does surprise you. It makes you feel all warm inside.

  2. I have had people come back to me years later and tell me the impact I made on their life for one reason or another. It always surprises me.

    Great post hon!
    ~Naila Moon