Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Review A great Movie, well worth seeing.

Last night, Thursday, January19th, my wife and I watched the movie "Patch Adams" , for me this was the first time I had seen the movie all the way through.  In the past I had seen bits and pieces of it.

The first thing that struck me, was how Robin Williams, brought to this movie a lot of the zany humor he had been best known for, back in the 1970's with "Mork and Mindy".

However the humor was only part of the rich character of Hunter Patch Adams, this was his way of opening people up and opening himself up to people.  He saw that medicine, and that being a good doctor had become distant, and mechanical.

How Doctors' were being trained to cure the disease, but not to improve the quality of life of the patient, who was referred to by a room number and bed number, not a name.

Yet Patch Adams pushed against the system to make things better, to return a sense of humanity to being a doctor.  

What I did not know at the beginning of this film, is that Hunter Patch Adams is a real doctor, and that the movie is based on his life.

What I came away from this movie with, is how we all need to be more like Patch Adams, how we need to be the spark that may make one persons' day better.  That we need to open ourselves to maybe just saying hello to people we see, if they say hello back, that is great... if they don't respond, at least we made an effort to reach out to someone who may not have had anyone else say hello to them at all.

Overall this is a fantastic film, based on a fantastic individual.  To find out more about the real Patch Adams you can go to his face book page
Or to his own page at  to find out  more about his ongoing effort to create the Gesundheit institute a place where humanity and healing walk hand in hand.

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