Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's absolutely crazy

We got snow here in Missouri last night, this isn't unusual, most states get snow; however in Missouri this is different.

Usually the streets will be plowed or cleared quickly, however the interstates, which are the main means of transit for people through out the state are left with snow on them, leading to ice.

No plowing, no deicer or salt on the highways, just allow it to freeze so that people have to drive very very very slowly, even if they have snow tires.

I have never been more terrified than I was today, traveling with my wife to get to college.  I kept praying that we would get to school without any accidents taking place.

Yet as I sit here, I have to wonder... how is it that the state of Missouri can be so uncaring for its' citizens, when it would not cost that much to see that the highways and all means of access were salted or had deicing on them to make transit safe.

Come on Missouri, step up to the bat, and think about safety for all.


  1. Oh but honey, you are a bit off with the state here. This state, at least in this area, salt quite well. It is not unusal for them to be out before the traffic hits to try to get the main highways plowed and salted before the snow and ice hit. Those men and women work hard to get that done. They also will have the snow routes going too.
    The road we were on this morning was not a main road and thus in was not mandatory/priority for it to be plowed yet. Even though it was on the way to the college and the seat of the county, this was so.
    If you noticed, it was by afternoon. ;)
    ~Naila Moon

    1. I tell you that snow was something that hit everyone by surprise. No one expected it to be as bad. What was bad was the timing. Right at the rush hour and it trapped the trucks on the road right as they were getting into the swing of salting and plowing. After the rush hour died down, then they could get to plowing. I know at the mall we had everything cleared in a couple of hours. Mall was started at 5:30 and finished by 9 or 10 when they opened. However, with recent budget cuts by the state, we have less trucks to work with and so that tells even though they say it doesn't matter. I wouldn't believe that if you paid me to.