Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Film that leaves you a bit cold in the end FROZEN

Last week my wife and I rented Frozen, Disneys' latest film that we had been looking forward to seeing.

It started off well, with a set up of two sisters, one of whom had the ability to create ice out of thin air.  She and her sister would go out and skate on the ice, until one day.

That day Anna accidentally freezes her Sister Elsa.  The two girls are separated in two different parts of the Kingdom.  Elsa survives but her memory is erased and she has no idea why she and her sister are kept apart.

On the day that Anna comes of age and is to become Queen she is pushed by her sister and explodes, she freezes the kingdom and Elsa goes after her sister to have her reverse what has happened.

Although there are moments in this movie and even though it has a good  overall concept, "Frozen" is nothing we have not seen time and time before.

Like so many Disney films it relies on music to move the story forward but there is nothing magical here, it was as if the music was a last minute addition.  

I wish I could say this is a great film, but it is not.  "Frozen" is just one more film cranked out of the Disney meat grinder.

I give this move 3 stars and I am being polite in that regard.

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