Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mighty Dads a great book for Children and Adults alike

Mighty Dads, is the kind of book I wish had existed when I was a child.  It is full of delightful and colorful drawings which bring to life the semi poetic wording. 

James Deans' illustrations are vibrant and active, while Joan Holubs' words have a warmth and sense of connection to the reader.

This is a small bright book that fathers, grand fathers and step fathers alike will love reading to their children and that children will love because of the big bright colorful images throughout.

Children will make all the sounds when ever the book is read or when they play with their Tonka toys.

I wish I could give this book away to everyone who will be a parent or grand parent, because it is just such a fun book.

Grab this book up at amazon or your local book store.  It is one that your child(ren) will love and will pass on to their own children when that time comes.


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