Monday, June 16, 2014

Mondays Music Move Me Legends

Welcome to Rock and Roll Legends, this will be a mix of those alive and those whom have passed , I hope you enjoy my selections.

Next John Lennon with Watching the Wheels, one of his classic pieces.

Another of the legends for me was Jim Croce and this was one of his best known pieces.
Finally here is Bob Marley,  Best ending ever.
I was going to put some living legends, but I felt this should be a tribute to some of the most diverse and interesting of those who set the path and truely were living legends of their time.

Hope you enjoyed this.

Til next week.


  1. These were great. I most like Jim Croce though because I had not heard him in ages!

  2. Oh yes these are the rocking rock of music!

    Thanks for the line up!

    Happy Summer!

  3. Lovin' them all you rockin' dude you! Woo Hoo I had Bob Marley too! See he is definitely a Rock N' Roll Legend :) Great minds think alike. All of them are totally.... YOU ROCKED THE HOUSE MY FRIEND! WOO HOO....

  4. these are some awesome picks Buddy holly totally slipped my mind.